Cowardly murder

  Al94 20:30 03 Apr 2011

Having just returned from a weekend away, I was quite surprised to note that the top news story of the weekend, the murder of a serving UK policeman has not been mentioned here.

My heart goes out to the mother (who recently lost her husband through illness) and the family circle on the callous murder of this young man click here

Hopefully this is the death throes of a republican organisation who have again turned it's ferocity on the section of the community they profess to represent to advance their cause.

  Forum Editor 22:26 03 Apr 2011

Nobody has claimed responsibility for this murder, so any discussion about who did it is based purely on surmise.

It might be best to wait a while.

  Al94 08:59 04 Apr 2011

The only "surmise" is which particular dissident republican group were involved.

  morddwyd 14:52 04 Apr 2011

Having done time in Ulster, it saddens me to say that politicians deploring the murder of a member of the security forces in Northern Ireland does not rate very highly on most people's atrocity register.

It would have got much greater coverage if a member of the Garda had been murdered south of the border

  MAJ 18:50 04 Apr 2011

I have read your first paragraph a number of times, it reads as rubbish to me, what do you mean?

Your second paragraph/sentence is just [email protected] Where would your scenario have got more coverage, except maybe "south of the border"? How do you know how much coverage the cowardly murder (is there any other type of murder, I've never heard of an heroic murder) received "south of the border", were you watching RTE all day? Have you been watching UTV all day? I can tell you............ Oh what's the point......

  morddwyd 19:52 04 Apr 2011

Steady on.

All I meant was that yet another atrocity in Ulster is, and it does sadden me to say it, not regarded as a very major news item this side of the water.

A Garda member being blown up south of the border is much more unusual, and would have got greater news coverage.

You might not agree, but I really don't think there was any need to be quite so offensive.

  WHTDSOB 20:14 04 Apr 2011

" All I meant was that yet another atrocity in Ulster is, and it does sadden me to say it, not regarded as a very major news item this side of the water."

Very true.

  Al94 20:23 04 Apr 2011

I suspected as much and WHTDSOB's post confirmed it. Do not be complacent about this, dissident republicans are as big a threat in "mainland" uk as they are in NI. I pray an attack there doesn't happen but if it does I anticipate there will be more comment here.

On a positive note it is encouraging to note that still no one has claimed responsibility, likely that the cowards are too scared having seen the outright condemnation from all quarters including ex terrorists now in government.

  MAJ 20:29 04 Apr 2011

Due to the onset of a migraine earlier this morning I've been lying in the dark most of the day with News 24 on, turned down low. I thought they covered the murder and the reaction to the murder, of N.Ireland's politicians and David Cameron quite extensively, just about every fifteen minutes or so, give or take Wayne Rooney's latest antics.

Here in N.Ireland it has been covered almost non-stop, on radio and TV, since it happened, not least because of the outrage it has caused in all right-thinking people. To see the GAA hold a minute silence (and it be observed with reverence) before their County matches yesterday and Martin McGuinness (Sinn Féin) stand beside Peter Robinson (DUP) and the Chief Constable of the PSNI, condemn the people who murdered Constable Ronan Kerr as traitors to Ireland, is an indication of how far we have come in the last ten years or so.

  WHTDSOB 20:30 04 Apr 2011

Well it's true, although tragic.

Look at the press and police coverage when Moat shot and injured the unarmed PC in the car. Continuous.

  Al94 20:45 04 Apr 2011

Now you are being silly WHTDSOB, no comparison to an ongoing seige where several were shot and the perpetrator killed himself. I agree with MAJ that the general UK coverage has been good, it was the lack of comment here I was interested in.

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