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  stubic 11:01 26 Jan 2008

Is it me or am i just unlucky wiith so called free software.Many times i have tryed to load and use free software from cover disks thay are either compleat crap or the hoop's you have to go through to get the activtion codes is just plane stubid.Example photo commander5 pcadvisor this months.It says go on line to get code thay will email code back but it will not except my email address [hotmail]whats going on.Phoned pcadvisor last thursday thay said thay would ring such luck.pc advisor get your act togather and put the activtion codes on the disk for peaple that have no web at home.I am hoping you will print this but i do not hold out much hope.if me and my freinds buy your mag again will depend on your responce

  Forum Editor 11:18 26 Jan 2008

but i do not hold out much hope."

Well so far, so good - you've published it yourself.

1. Who did you speak to when you rang on Thursday?

2. We don't put the activation code on the disk because the software company doesn't let us - they usually want people to upgrade to later versions. It's part of the deal for letting us provide the free software, and it's a very common practice.

3. Telling us to "get your act togather (sic)" is hardly the way to win friends and influence people.

I'll contact our coverdisk editor on your behalf, and he'll be in touch - probably via this thread.

  STREETWORK 12:09 26 Jan 2008

I would call for this topic to be removed...

  Joe R 12:21 26 Jan 2008


there are lots of sites who will not accept a hotmail e-mail address to send out replies to, also Gmail Yahoo etc.

You can use the email address given by your ISP when you first make an internet connection.

  Cymro. 12:22 26 Jan 2008

So why should it be removed?
stubic was only giving his opinion and was not rude or offensive in any way.
You can bet your life that the F.E. would have deleted it soon enough if he thought there was anything wrong in it.

  Forum Editor 12:30 26 Jan 2008

I would have, and there isn't.

If someone wants to complain about us that's OK, as long as they accept our right to reply. In this case there seems to be a misunderstanding about why we didn't include an activation code on the coverdisk.

  Totally-braindead 13:47 26 Jan 2008

You've explained quite clearly as to why theres no activation numbers included on the disks FE so I don't see the problem.
It'll get sorted out in due course.

  RickyC :-) 10:16 28 Jan 2008

Thanks for posting, in answer to your questions:
1 - Please accept my apologies for not returning your call on Thursday. My colleague did pass the message to me, but due to an imminent deadline for the April DVD I didn't find the time to get back to you.
2 - On some occasions we include serial numbers on the disc interface to enable readers to register without going online. However, in the majority of cases software developers prefer readers to register online. This is so that software developers can measure the response they get from specific magazines - which in turn enables them to determine which magazines are more successful for future covermount promotions. Whenever online registration is required, there will either be a link from within the software installation process, or I'll have included a direct link from the cover disc interface.
3 - I have emailed my contact at Ashampoo to find out whether there is a specific problem with Hotmail accounts on the registration page. I have not had any other reports of problems with the PhotoCommander registration process - we've run countless cover disc promotions with various applications from that developer over the years, and tens of thousands of PC Advisor readers have successfully registered software.

I expect Ashampoo to respond to me today, and will email you directly with their response. I'll also post here to let other users know the outcome.

I hope this response restores your faith in PC Advisor magazine, and regarding your opinion of the software we covermount - I do try to keep the applications interesting, varied and relevant to our readership but am always interested in suggestions for content to include in the future.

kind regards

Cover Disc Editor

  stubic 11:34 28 Jan 2008

This was the link I here Only to find they do not work or the company concerned will not give out the codes as previously I’ve made comment on.The above link i got from the cover disk.[respose]I checked your email address as well as your name in our system and I did not
find you in our system, did you place an order?
Sincerely,Scott Goetzingercleverbridge, Customer Service Dear leslie,Since we can't find you in our system we are unable to send you the code you are asking for. Please contact the manufacturers of the product for further
assistance. Sincerely,Stephanie Rodriguez
cleverbridge Customer Serviceto get code there reply's where as follows.that;s why I contacked you

  RickyC :-) 11:47 28 Jan 2008

Have you tried using an alternative email account? You can set up a free email account with Yahoo - it should only take a minute or two, and I'm confident this would be accepted. I know that Cleverbridge handle the online sales for Ashampoo, so I would imagine that as this is a free application, the resellers wouldn't have been involved and unable to access any codes for this software.

I'd encourage you to set up a new free email account with Yahoo, and see whether this works. When I hear back from Ashampoo I will contact you.

  stubic 16:42 28 Jan 2008

cd editor.
Well I have tryed to do what you ask about opening yahoo account low and behold it says my post code [building been up 25 years] is not valid.i do not whant to put my post code on this thread but you have my mobil numbour.I have one day left to get this software code.this would make a lovely monty python skatch if it was not so b____y stubid.

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