Cover CDs Worth ££££££.

  Kase 20:41 21 Mar 2005

How do Computer Magazines do it? With issue 118 I have received "CDs worth £185.00". Had I purchased my copy of PCA from Tesco I would have received a third CD. The mind boggles. Other Magazines on the same shelf promise more!!. Good job we are only asked to pay the cover price of the Mag.

  wiz-king 21:41 21 Mar 2005

would you actualy BUY the progs?

  DANZIG 21:47 21 Mar 2005

Don't bite the hand that feeds!!!

Seriously though, I must agree with that last statement that I read about "Would you actually buy them". Probably not. It doesn't mean they aren't good...just not the first thing on your shopping list..

On a more cynical note. "Worth £185!!!!"...Yeah, probably worth £185 in 1997. Not worth as much now though.

Having said that though, the quality of these CD's/DVD's is generally very good and well worth the money spent on the magazine. (Creep, creep, simper, simper)

  niknax 22:04 21 Mar 2005

i love trying out the free progs with pca, and since my local tesco's stopped selling my fave mag a good few months ago, i had to subscribe!! so they did me a favour!!


  Kase 09:19 22 Mar 2005

I buy the Magazine as I like it as a Magazine for me the CD's just come with it. I would still buy PCA if it came without CD's. What interest me is how come you can give away CDs worth X amount?. Who puts the price on the CD's?. I dont think being interested in how and why as stated by DANZIG is a case "Don't bite the hand that feeds". I did not ask for the CD's. As niknax likes the CD's with the mag thats fine. It is interesting that the PCA in my local Tesco has a sticker extra CD for Tesco customers but niknax Tesco has stopped selling it!!. Does the CD or CD's have the power to sell more issues of a given Magazine?. Wiz-king in reply no I would not buy the progs.

  plsndrs3 11:30 22 Mar 2005

I think DANZIG hit the right idea. The 'cost' shown is for the product immediately after launch and doesn't take into account how old the program is, any updates, etc. I guess it is like saying IBM P75 included - value £2,300 :o). Many, if not all, of the progams are not the current release and the magazine usually has offers inside to upgrade at a reduced cost. The incentive to the program owners is therefore releasing a version that no one is likely to buy [as it is 'out of date'] with the potential that new customers will upgrade. It must work as so many of them do it.

Me, I like the Cds - gives you a taste of the program and I do sometimes upgrade if I like what the program can do and the newer version has enough additional bells and whistles for me.



  Belatucadrus 12:31 22 Mar 2005

I've got archived cover CDs going back years, most are never going to be used. BUT when I need something new, I rarely if ever need to buy anything. OK so it's all old versions, but there was a time when they were cutting edge and in most cases are more than adequate for what I want.

  niknax 21:59 22 Mar 2005

i love the mag also...the cd's are a bonus
i was told at my local tesco's there was no demand for the mag....strange one to me cause everytime i went to buy it there was none left!!


  Kase 22:22 22 Mar 2005

niknax "strange one to me". That must be positive thinking, my problem is sometimes I wonder if the glass is half full or half empty.


  Buchan 35 23:12 22 Mar 2005

I normally ditch the CD after a few months, unlike
Belatucadrus, but like him I`ve a few that go back to the last century that are still useful. The Mag is great, and Kase, have you not learned anything?
When it`s someone elses round the glass is always half empty.

  Totally-braindead 01:36 23 Mar 2005

I bought the Tesco version of PCA and was very dissapointed to find the FREE extra disk was the September 2004 coverdisk from PCA. Guess PCA had a warehouse of them left. Has Musicmatch Jukebox on it as well as MP3 CD Doctor but, they require online registration. Not bothered myself but 321 studios that made Musicmatch Jukebox are out of business now so I wonder if you can still register it. If not Tescos extra free CD is only useful as a coaster and I've lots of them already.

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