Countdown to England v France

  Quickbeam 16:34 13 Oct 2007

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Well it's too early to go to the pub or I'll be watching four teams with two balls (only two?), it's too wet to get an adrenaline rush on the bike, I'm on a knife edge, stuck for something to do...

I think I'll walk the dog... We've both got coats!

  Legolas 16:51 13 Oct 2007

I thought England were playing Estonia 3-0 isnt it, or is their some other sporting occasion in the offing.

  Quickbeam 17:23 13 Oct 2007

Arran seems to be more remote than I thought;)

  Bingalau 17:26 13 Oct 2007

Legolas. Someone did mention a cricket match.

  tullie 17:29 13 Oct 2007

Something wrong with RU,how can a team as poor as England get so far?

  tried 17:29 13 Oct 2007

come on lads get a grip ! France are playing with us were suporting the bit just off the coast called england how the hell we can win with a ball that is not even round Im not sure, hopefully our lads will think on there feet and come up with a result

  Confab 17:36 13 Oct 2007

I went to see England V South Africa a few weeks ago. Fantastic atmosphere and a fantastic stadium – the only thing that let the experience down was the result. B.T.W. if anyone is going to the match the beer is actually alcohol free. They don’t tell you unless you ask!

I won’t be watching the match tonight as I’ll be going to my Wife 40th Birthday party. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed when I hear the result.

  Legolas 17:46 13 Oct 2007


  Clapton is God 17:47 13 Oct 2007

"the beer is actually alcohol free. They don’t tell you unless you ask!"

I was under the impression that ALL French 'beer' was alcohol-free.

The literal translation of 'la biere' is Gnat's Urine isn't it?

  Confab 18:25 13 Oct 2007

"Gnat's Urine"

Try having a few of these and I can guarantee you'll see four teams and two balls! ;-)

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  spuds 19:13 13 Oct 2007

Getting set-up for the big watch. Dog as a string of onions around his neck plus the French flag, I have some cheese and onion sandwiches and the Union Jack. Wonder whose going to have the bigger tears at 10pm.

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