Councils: don't you just love them....

  realist 19:41 22 May 2007

I have lived at this address for 39 years and we have two lamp posts in our road.

One of the lights recently stopped working so I made my usual phone call to the Borough Council, only to be told that this function (street lighting) was taken over by the County Council in 2004.

So I phoned the County Council, only to be told that, even accepting the fact that our street lights had been maintained by the BC since the dawn of time, the CC has decided our road is a "private road" so we now have to maintain our own street lights!

This would presumably mean, if the logic is applied to all services, that we must empty our own dustbins?....police our own streets?....provide education for our children?

I ask you!

Anyone know where I can get a cherry picker and an industrial-size very long-life lightbulb?

  anskyber 19:51 22 May 2007

Check with your Solicitor. I know you have been there for a long time but the public adoption (or otherwise) of the road should have been clear at the time.

It's not just the street lights. A private road including the surface of the road, the footpaths and the sewers underneath are all maintainable by the frontagers. Do check with your Water Company, they should advise you if they think the sewers are adopted. It's got the look of a mistake somewhere.

  realist 19:58 22 May 2007

Thanks anskyber for a helpful, if depressing, response!

  STREETWORK 20:35 22 May 2007

If the council has designated the street as private under the provisions of the Highways Act 1981 then they should have a)consulted b) notified people living in the street and c) raised the appropriate traffic order.

The people living in the street can then appoint a person as the 'street manager' and they should then be notified of any utility or highway works to be carried out. The 'street manager' can then control who has access and when.

questions to ask

1. When was the order made to make the street a private designation?

2. Who was notified of the change of designation?

3. Who owns the street lighting?

4. Do members of the public have access to the street as a throughfare or public road/footway?

With this information gained under the Freedom of Information Act you can then address the next course of action. In asking these questions, in a letter, you may find that the street light bulb has been suddenly replaced...

Good luck and post back...

  royalflush 20:37 22 May 2007

realist contact your local mp or CAB office its a sad state isnt it

  big bloke66 20:41 22 May 2007

Im a streetlighting engineer, what part of the country do you live?.

  realist 21:00 22 May 2007

Thanks for all your brilliant suggestions, which I shall diligently pursue, if need be, with Kent CC!

  Kate B 21:01 22 May 2007

Check with your neighbours, too, and see if they had any notification about this.

  big bloke66 21:15 22 May 2007

Hey kent thats my neck of the woods. I work for kent highway services, if you get no joy, email me and i`ll see what i can do.


  realist 21:03 08 Jun 2007

Full marks and thanks to big bloke66 who very kindly fixed our streetlight for us today!

  MrNerdy 21:20 08 Jun 2007

Street Lighting, whats that?
In my local area most have been shot out by the locals!

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