Councillor Said 'Put Disabled Children Down'

  Brumas 09:24 28 Feb 2013

This is absolutely outrageous, what next, the mentally handicapped and the old and infirm? Collin Brewer should be sacked and perhaps be made to seek psychiatric help and never be allowed to hold a public position again!

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  Mr Mistoffelees 09:37 28 Feb 2013

Yahoo are behind with the news as he has resigned: BBC News.

  carver 09:40 28 Feb 2013

Brumas I'm afraid that you still do get people who think like him, may be we should have people like him put down.

You also get people who believe that the disabled child would be better looked after in a "special place" away from "normal" people.

  chub_tor 10:03 28 Feb 2013

While not defending the remark I wonder why this has been brought back into the news as it happened two years ago....

"Independent councillor Collin Brewer made the comments in October 2011 at an event at County Hall for councillors to meet equalities-based organisations and learn about issues faced by their members." according to LGE Click Here

Perhaps being cynical could it possibly be due to the fact that Cornwall County Council are due to hold full elections in May this year?

  Brumas 10:20 28 Feb 2013


I did not realise it was old news as I saw red when reading it and didn't check my facts, nevertheless I felt it did need to see the light of day because what he was advocating was morally reprehensible. You hear of folk putting down the unwanted litter of their pet cat , it doesn't bear thinking about!

  fourm member 10:34 28 Feb 2013

Like so many of these sorts of stories, it is rather hard to understand everything.

I'm not even clear about whether he has resigned with immediate effect or just said he won't be standing again.

Local councils are under great pressure to curb spending and, I'm sure, get challenged regularly about why they are funding X but not Y.

From what I've read, this councillor was looking for justification for spending on disabled children but went about it in a very offensive way.

The reality is that there are people asking the questions posed by Brumas in the TO.

The time is took to resolve this is also a problem and must have cost quite a bit.

  Woolwell 11:40 28 Feb 2013

He made the remarks in 2011 but has only now resigned. It has taken about 18 months to go through the process. He should of course have resigned immediately.

He was interviewed on our local TV station. He made no attempt to defend himself apart from the fact that he admitted that he was stupid, didn't mean those remarks and wished that he could have obliterated that day. I think this is a classic case of a person opening mouth without engaging brain. He appeared genuinely sorry. He had to go though.

What does need further looking at is why it took so long and the interpretation of the code of conduct rules. He was an independent councillor.

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