Council warns staff not to use the word 'British'

  hssutton 16:14 11 Nov 2008

Is it me that's getting old, words just fail me.

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  sunnystaines 16:28 11 Nov 2008

immigrants who make the effort to come here and get a uk residence are not going to be upset over the word british after all thats their main aim.

  peter99co 16:32 11 Nov 2008

"This is political correctness gone mad. Organisations like this are using public money to propagate their own narrow nationalistic ideas."

I could not put it better myself!

  €dstowe 16:35 11 Nov 2008

Goodbye to British Airways then.

  lofty29 16:44 11 Nov 2008

I really get mad at these types of pratts, Councils should concentrate on what they are paid to do, such as collecting the rubbish and keeping the streets clean and roads repaired. Instead they are forever dictating how we behave and what we should and should not do, On the radio today I heard that they want to make it compulsory for "berger vans" to stock "healthy foods", (a) what the hell business is it of theirs provided the vans are clean, and (b) if people wanted "healthy options" they would go elsewhere, you should have heard some of the replies from the truckers who mainly use these vans. They are more prejudiced than anybody else, and to a large extent in my opinion it is against the native brits.

  Legolas 16:50 11 Nov 2008

This taken from the article "It warns against using the word British as well as offensive words such as "negro", "spastic" and "half-caste".

I can see how the last three words might be offensive but to say that "British" is a an offensive term is... well offensive. As a Scot I can assure the Valleys Race Equality Council (Valrec) who drew up this nonsense that I am in no way offended to be called British.

Now should someone call me English that would be a totally different matter ;)))

  Legolas 16:56 11 Nov 2008

Couldn't agree more, to think that our hard earned taxes are being squandered on some tinpot minor official thinking up ways to control every area of our lives makes me a tad annoyed.

  Forum Editor 17:04 11 Nov 2008

And British Telecom,British Petroleum,and British Gas, to say nothing of The British Isles.

  lofty29 17:14 11 Nov 2008

They will probably change the name from British Isles, to,EU Group of islands off the coast of Europe.

  Pesala 17:23 11 Nov 2008

They're just making sure that White Welsh people Caerphilly identify themselves as not being from Wensleydale or Cheddar.

  TopCat® 17:56 11 Nov 2008

They should have 'caerphilly' considered every aspect of what they've decided before issuing this offensive leaflet. Anyone with a modicum of grey matter and some common sense would realise just what a rumpus such a statement would bring.

This Valrec body are now the laughing stock of all our British citizens and they should be confined to complete obscurity. TC.

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