Council Housing Tenancies

  carver 08:12 22 Nov 2010

So it looks as though they are going ahead with their plans click here

But how do you work it, Mister A does not have a job, gets council house, finds job and starts building a life for himself and family, 2 years after getting council house is now told he is to be evicted because he has a job.

The logic evades me a little bit.

  morddwyd 08:37 22 Nov 2010

Not quite as simple as that.

Mr B wins £10m on the lottery but says he is going to keep his lovely little council flat among all his friends.

Between the two extremes there is going to have to be a median line, and there are bound to be injustices in the marginal cases.

  gengiscant 08:43 22 Nov 2010

Mr A is then turfed out of his house,so becoming homeless along with his family. Mr A is then re homed by the local council and the cycle begins again.

There are people who are paid good money to come up with ideas without obligation to think them through.

Another one I heard this morning is that all cigarettes should be sold in brown packaging. As an ex smoker, who has not become a rabid anti smoker which seems to be the norm, I can not remember going into buy a packet of fags and saying to the shop person, hey thats a fine looking packet give me twenty of those, oh wait a minute thats a nice packet also, oh which shall I choose.

Lets keep these great ideas coming.

  morddwyd 08:48 22 Nov 2010

No, but you might have done as a youngster, which is who this policy (and any policy should be if it's to be successful) is aimed at.

  Quickbeam 08:48 22 Nov 2010

"One woman, who has lived there for 40 years but did not want to be named, said: "I grew up on this estate, but when I needed my own home I had to wait six years."

What we now have is the expectation to have a house two doors away from your parents house and now, why? And if we assume that she was genuinely in need of a council tenancy, then the wait wouldn't be anything like as long with a fixed tenancy system.

Look at how many council tenants have a vehicle worth £50,000 parked outside their subsidised abode, probably paying a mortgage size monthly repayment for it. Is that what council tenancies are for, to subsidise living beyond our means, or to encourage responsibility free living that will always see you in a home, even when you default or your payments for the lifestyle luxuries of successful company directors?

And I don't believe for a moment that anyone will be evicted immediately that the finances are computed in the council offices later the same day, there will be quite a lengthy process to go through.

  carver 08:58 22 Nov 2010

Do not know where you live but it must be a nice area, £50000.00 cars parked outside council houses.

In Sheffield they would be parked there because they were stolen, and how do you know that it's a council house, wouldn't be yours by any chance.

  carver 09:05 22 Nov 2010

"Between the two extremes there is going to have to be a median line, and there are bound to be injustices in the marginal cases"

So on that thinking then it is perfectly alright for 50% of tenants to be evicted because they fall into a grey area.

Why don't we apply this logic to all areas and convict everyone taken to court regardless of whether they are guilty or not, it will only mean that "there are bound to be injustices in the marginal cases".

  Quickbeam 09:06 22 Nov 2010

Come off it carver, you've only got to open your eyes to see the clues to living beyond your means in any environment around you.

  carver 09:58 22 Nov 2010

But that happens in every walk off life not just one area of society.

My eldest son lives in a council house and has done for the past 8 years, the first house he had was demolished by the council for new "private affordable housing" they are now built, cheapest is £120000.00 there is no way he can afford one of those.

The rot set in when councils started selling off their houses for knock down money.

  Quickbeam 10:08 22 Nov 2010

"The rot set in when councils started selling off their houses for knock down money."

Now I do fully agree with you there. There always will be a need for social housing and I never agreed with Maggie's plan to try to buy the council tenant vote by selling them their council's jewel box at a carboot price...

  birdface 10:27 22 Nov 2010

Typical the Tories sold all the council houses so that there is now a shortage.
Now they want to evict the remainder maybe to house foreign workers that are homeless.
Maybe it's time for the remaining council house tenants to buy their houses rather than being evicted from their family homes.
I just wonder if all of those folk that voted for the lib Dems are beginning to regret doing so now.

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