Council cuts

  lotvic 13:59 16 Dec 2010

Had a letter this morning looks more than likely that there will be no more 'Staying Put' funding for homeowners repairs as of April 2011.

  Clapton is God 14:30 16 Dec 2010

Don't understand.

If I'm a home owner and my home needs repairs what 'funding' are you talking about?

  jakimo 15:02 16 Dec 2010

Funding from whom?

  jakimo 15:09 16 Dec 2010

Just re-read your post,do your local council pay for privately owned property repairs,I thought councils only funded repairs to council owned property

  interzone55 15:59 16 Dec 2010

I think this is down to EU funding

All the houses on my street received grants for certain repairs, and all received a new front garden fence as part a frontage renewal scheme for run down areas paid for out of an EU grant.

As of April 1st next year our council will be issuing no further grants as the money received has been exhausted...

  spuds 16:31 16 Dec 2010

'Staying Put' was a scheme that John Prescott as the Deputy Prime Minister introduced, but councils may have used other names (Wind and Weather) to suit themselves on how they wanted to use the funding. Different councils might have had different criteria for fund distribution. Some councils might have refused or rejected a claim, when they should not have done, under their criteria rating system.

Overall, the scheme was for a person, family etc to 'Stay Put' in their own property, and not leave due to having to find funds for having an 'habitable' home to live in.

Most people fitting 'the criteria' could obtain grants of 'upto' £5000.00 (?), plus extras if they were over 60/70 or special needs.

Some councils ran out of alloted money fast, others were more prudent. What was a noticeable thing was that most, if not all councils, kept this scheme a secret.

The scheme by the way is for home owners and not council or housing association tenants, as other funding is available for them from other sources. Some private landlords might have had or taken an opportunity to claim?.

  lotvic 21:46 16 Dec 2010

spuds has just about summed it up.
I was just pointing out that this is another (means-tested) grant that is biting the dust in the cutbacks the councils have to make.

  spuds 21:59 16 Dec 2010

Perhaps a way to find if your local council is going to provide future grant funding after April 2011, is to ask the person who will be hoping to get your vote in the local council elections in May 2011.

  Strawballs 23:22 16 Dec 2010

This government has used the deficit to do what it has been wanting to do for decades and that is get rid of just about all pulic services that it can leaving just the rich being able to have a decent standard of living because they can pay for private companies to provide these services.

  lotvic 23:43 16 Dec 2010

It may not be all councils that are stopping the grants next year, do a google for
Staying Put grant, Disabled Facilities Grant, Home Repair Grants
for more information on the schemes.

  lotvic 23:57 16 Dec 2010

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