Council comes to senses over Banksy

  Seth Haniel 10:24 24 Oct 2008

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An artwork by street artist Banksy in central London will be removed by a council to send a message to graffiti artists in the city.

  Condom 10:37 24 Oct 2008

If the council does not own the building then I'm unsure what rights they have to remove it, but no doubt they will find some regulation somwhere. And if so, should the building owners not be responsible for doing this rather than London tax payers which I am thankfully not one.

That said I actually find this one quite amusing and unoffensive and I'm no great grafitti lover. Perhaps the painter they use to paint over the mural will find his "work" offends someone else who might then demand that this be painted over again. Silly thought I know.

  the hick 10:49 24 Oct 2008

From my (albeit limited) experience of graffiti removal with Councils, they say its up to the building owner to remove it, unless the Council deems it to be 'offensive'. In my opinion, there is nothing clever at all about spray-painting another's property, and in addition, paint is extremely difficult to remove from brickwork and stone - most of us know this from errors in painting window-frames, etc!

  Legolas 10:58 24 Oct 2008

He should be given community service and made remove it himself.

  Condom 11:05 24 Oct 2008

I can see it now. He paints it all grey and some bumptious art critic calls it a masterpiece entitled "aerolane out of sight on a foggy day" and says its worth millions.

  simonjary 14:20 24 Oct 2008

They'd be better off covering up messy graffiti rather than this, which - in my opinion - ads to the look of the area (north of Soho).

Graffiti in some urban locations looks great - Barcelona, in particular, has some great examples. And most of Banksy's London art is at least thoughtful.

Granted, 99% of it is terrible and a blight, but then why pick on the 1%? It's hardly going to stop the rubbish sprayers, is it?

(The London borough I live in has a 24-hour graffiti removal service - where they paint over or steam off the graffiti within a day of it being reported.)

  peter99co 15:46 24 Oct 2008

The City of Paris has a zero tolerance for graffiti and attend in 24 hours.

  babybell 16:02 24 Oct 2008

Banksy has several 'graffiti' painting in areas around Bristol and they are considered to be of local interest and will not be removed by the council!

  Forum Editor 16:10 24 Oct 2008

to remain is that you must be prepared to deal with others, and there will be others. Banksy's stuff is usually very good, but it's going to be difficult to allow him to continue whilst at the same time stopping others.

I'm not averse to street art if it really is art, and not just a series of ugly tag sprays all over walls and fences. There's a south London train station that has wonderful Caribbean scenes spray-painted on the platform walls. I can't remember which station it is,but it certainly brightened up my day when I passed through some months ago.

  interzone55 22:36 24 Oct 2008

I think this particular work is very clever, especially as he managed to do it right by a CCTV camera without being seen.

Banksy reminds me of Keith Haring, not in style, but in attitude. Haring started out by painting over empty bill poster sites on New York's Subway system, these where much easier for the art lovers to remove & sell for huge wedges of cash...

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