Council chiefs not backing HS2 plan

  carver 10:23 25 May 2013

Started reading this enter link description here and then started seeing just who are against or have reservations about this high speed link, never mind the other shortfalls in money.

Personally I can not see the benefits will be all that much, as Wakefield Council explains enter link description here it could make thing worse for them and when you look at it from their point of view the money they could spend locally would improve things far more.

It's not just Wakefield it's other councils voicing concern all along the route.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:45 25 May 2013

One of the planned stops on HS2 is just down the road from where I live.

All you can read in the local papers about the route / station is people and councils saying negative things about it. NIMBYs

Trot back about 180 yrs and you would have heard all the same things from when the railways were first built. 20yrs after that people were clamouring to buy shares in the railway companies.

The two cities either side of the planned station /route are both miffed its not coming through them.

  Forum Editor 11:19 25 May 2013

I'm in favour of having as many high-speed rail links as possible. Rail travel can be a pleasurable experience if the track and trains are up to modern standards.

I traveled from London to Provence last year using first Eurostar to Lille and then the high speed TGV train down to Provence. It was an absolute dream of a ride both ways - hammering through the French countryside at 200mph in the sunshine whilst relaxing with a cool drink takes some beating.

We can have the same thing here (minus the sunshine) if we just take the bull by the horns and build the tracks.

  spuds 11:37 25 May 2013

Like Fruit Bat, I live 'just down the road' from where this is being planned.

Seems to be a similar case of when the M1 was being considered and built, and the 'not in my backyard brigade'. All sorts of comments have been made from individual's and 'experts', and many environmental and 'scenes of natural beauty' have been mentioned.

One particular local MP as special interest in this, because it would appear that the project might to be far to near his backyard and possible present commercial interests.

My own view about this, is neither for or against at present, because the information I have received so far, is becoming confusing. But then again, my father said the same thing about the M1, and made a financial killing in the process.

  sunnypete 19:02 25 May 2013

Wonder where FE travelled from to get his train at London,certainly not the forgotten West Country...

  sunnypete 19:02 25 May 2013

Wonder where FE travelled from to get his train at London,certainly not the forgotten West Country...

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:48 25 May 2013

"Wonder where FE travelled from to get his train at London,certainly not the forgotten West Country."

Down here in Somerset they pull the trains with a couple of Massey Fergusons.

  oresome 20:09 25 May 2013

I've just checked the price for two of us to travel to London and return the next day first class. A round trip of 400 miles.


I've not been on a train for over fifty years and there's the reason why.

  N47. 22:17 25 May 2013

Mr Mistoffelees

That's funny :-)

  N47. 22:30 25 May 2013

I see it, as usual, benefiting those in London. It will be quicker and cheaper for those working in the city to travel in by train than cross the capital. All the home counties are saturated with commuters traveling in by train so this will expand the commuting distance. Your average 3 bed semi house in the better parts of London would by quite a mansion sized residence in the North.

The other advantage for business's in London is that they will be able to travel to the other northern cities faster than they could by plane.

It would be nice if they matched the capital investment in HS2 with a house building program.

Like oresome

I would not be able to pay that sort of price to travel to London and unfortunately do not have an expense account to pay for it.

  Flak999 00:29 26 May 2013

I don't believe HS2 will ever be built. So far the estimated costs are £33 billion and rising, all of this to shave 20 minutes off the journey time between London and Birmingham.

This is just a vanity project for the coalition, the upheaval it will cause to the life of the capital during the decade that it will take to build will be enormous!

It will plough through areas of outstanding natural beauty, destroy communities and all for what? So rich executives can get to their offices 20 mins earlier than they would otherwise have done.

Far better to spend the money on defence or homeland security, I think were going to need it!

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