Couldn't resist this!

  Sapins 13:53 24 Dec 2004

Help yourself to a slice from my very first cake and have a Merry Christmas. click here



  carolineann 14:32 24 Dec 2004

I am very impressed.

A very happy christmas to you.

  sidecar sid 15:08 24 Dec 2004

Looks lovely pity we havn't got a recipie forum

Best wishes,Sid

  anchor 15:32 24 Dec 2004

Well done Sapins.

Mrs Anchor has just finished a strawberry gateau for our tea tomorrow. It looked so delicious, I could not resist photographing it.

click here

Nothing to do with computers I know, but after all it is Christmas!. Let`s say it shows how to display a photo on a web page.

Merry Christmas to all, and keep the Rennies handy.

  Sapins 16:46 24 Dec 2004

That looks scrumptious.

"Let`s say it shows how to display a photo on a web page."

Thats the only reason I did mine! Honest FE.

  wallbash 18:04 24 Dec 2004

Made a dark rich fruit cake, lots of Royal icing, could tell you how it tastes ( tommorow) but could Sapins tell me how he did the rope effect?

Ps if this takes off perhaps FE will create a cooking section ( or perhaps not )

  Buchan 35 18:46 24 Dec 2004

We could have judged the size of it if you`d put a 50P piece near it. Or perhaps you`re spent up like the rest of us?

  Sapins 20:51 24 Dec 2004

The ropes were made from the left over icing rolled into two long ropes and then carefully! twisted, took me three goes!

It is a traditional fruit cake recipe and It's 8" in diameter, and it would have to be a two Euro piece!

It has taken 45yrs. for my wife to get me to make a cake, I hope she doesn't want one every 45yrs.:-)

  watchful 21:02 24 Dec 2004

Oohh! I could eat this thread.

Well done you all and enjoy yourselves tomorrow.

  kev.Ifty 22:49 24 Dec 2004

click here

That was splendid!! A touch more Brandy i think, but excellent for a first attempt!! ;-)

Joyeux Noël Pal


  Dan the Confused 23:07 24 Dec 2004

lol Kev!

I'm gonna email this thread to my mum - she'll love it :)

Merry Xmas guys.

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