Could this woman get a job in your office?

  user8 15:10 25 Jun 2009
  lotvic 15:23 25 Jun 2009

No, even if that is the trend to look and dress like that, I wouldn't want her to represent my company (if I had one).

  Blackhat 15:28 25 Jun 2009

I have previously employed more extreme than the example shown, although in a Telesales role where performance out weighs appearance.

  dagnammit 15:36 25 Jun 2009

No as it would send out the wrong message about our company. We have a dress code that also promotes individualism but that would be too extreme.

  interzone55 15:48 25 Jun 2009


But that's just our office, which is pretty easy-going and not customer facing.

I can imagine the tattoos, piercings, and dreads may cause problems in some places though.

Now, if the issue is a job interview then I'm not sure, it would depend entirely on the job.

When I interview for staff I tend to consider the person inside the clothes. Although I have to say that I have never yet offered a job to someone who's arrived in a football shirt...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:52 25 Jun 2009

Depends on her ability to do the job -

I'm more concerned about the three As
Ability (Can the candidate do the required task?)
Attitude (Does the candidate have the correct attitude to work?)
Attendance (will the candidate attend work on what I consider to be a regular basis?)

"Packaging" is only important if you have something on show you wish to "sell".

  bremner 17:30 25 Jun 2009

Yes if she removed the piercings, covered the tattoo and wore smarter clothes.

  Armchair 17:44 25 Jun 2009

Would this be an acceptable dress code inyour office?

click here

and how much 'compensation' would you be willing to shell out as a result of turning them down for the job just because you don't like the way they dress?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:47 25 Jun 2009

How quaint and terribly sad in the 21st century, people still judge others by their appearence. This article is an interesting read and illustrates why it is so wrong to here


  Armchair 17:54 25 Jun 2009

Yeah, Gandalf, i read about her in the paper today. There was a similar story regarding a one armed female children's tv presenter a few months ago.

  Forum Editor 18:11 25 Jun 2009

and I thought she would be an asset to the business of course I would employ her. What matters most in business is having the right people with the right attitude doing the work, not penalising them because they don't fit into some outdated perception of what a worker should look like.

That's the kind of thinking that so often holds British businesses back. I prefer to focus on moving forward rather than obsessing about a dress code.

As long as people are clean, enthusiastic, and reasonably intelligent they can wear what they like as far as I'm concerned.

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