Could the Commons cope with less M Ps

  n4165si 16:11 01 Jun 2008

In all walks of life ,if your company starts to see hard times and is tottering on the brink,the majority of the workforce would be cut ,Do we really need in this modern age 640 plus MPs? as most people say they don,t ever see their MP are this many of them essential with todays communications?

  ol blueeyes 16:14 01 Jun 2008

Most times when you see the commons and lord on tv they are both practically empty

  Earthsea 16:16 01 Jun 2008

You mean have less constituencies? Why?

  n4165si 16:23 01 Jun 2008

A lot of the boundaries have moved and its the Government that does this ,why then do we need so many MPs

  Earthsea 16:27 01 Jun 2008

Constituency boundaries are determined by the Boundary Commissions click here

  n4165si 16:35 01 Jun 2008

That was not my Question,i repeat do you think Parliament could cope with less MPs ,with todays modern communications? They don't all sit on different quangoes and is it essential that they have to attend at least twice a week ,except for the long gaps during the holiday period

  Quickbeam 00:47 02 Jun 2008


  newman35 05:31 02 Jun 2008

A Regional Councillor
A Community Councillor.

I'm severely over-represented!! So, yes, the number of MP's (and others) could be sliced I reckon - with vast savings in salaries and expenses. But it won't happen, as THEY decide these matters (turkeys/christmas etc!).

  Forum Editor 07:42 02 Jun 2008

the more power you concentrate into each person's hands. Reducing the number of constituencies (for that's what it would mean) would result in each MP representing larger numbers of people. There would be less debate in parliament,and that might mean a deteroration in the quality of legislation as fewer people get a chance to make speeches and influence the house on important free vote issues.

The total cost of MPs to the public purse is minute when compared with other expenditure, and if cost-cutting is your aim there are far bigger targets.

  newman35 07:49 02 Jun 2008

Whilst, generally, I concur with your view I do think that for your 'average voter' life is very complex with all these levels of governance - it maybe just seems as though there are too many of them!

  n4165si 12:54 02 Jun 2008

Forum Editor
Thank you for your explanation,i wasn't interested in the cost to the country ,just the amount of representation,I can see the the logic behind the argument now.

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