The cost of stamps on the rise

  finerty 11:14 27 Mar 2012

1st and 2nd class stamps are going zooming up thanks to the MP's and the regulator.


  Condom 11:56 27 Mar 2012

As I understand it what has happened is that the price controls have been abolished but that doesn't necessarily mean that prices are going up but it probably does.

I can't remember the last time I sent a letter by snail mail as the Post Office has already priced itself out of my market and what I'm prepared to pay.

  wiz-king 12:53 27 Mar 2012

We are about halfway down the costing list

  birdface 14:56 27 Mar 2012

First class going up from 48p to 60p now I am not that good at counting but it has to be about a 25% rise.

I don't suppose it is anything to do with the Government taking it over and then reselling it.

It is a bit pathetic I think.

You have workers that have not had a pay rise or likely to get one in the near future and yet Royal mail are allowed to put their prices up by 25%.

Well I suppose e-mail is cheaper and quicker.Anyone with a share in any Xmas card company's I think now would be a good time to bail out.

It is getting to the stage where the stamp may be dearer than the Xmas card and not worth sending anymore because of the cost.

  Blackhat 15:01 27 Mar 2012


Cards are a lot cheaper than you think. pack of Xmas cards

  Grey Goo 15:13 27 Mar 2012

Someone advised people a couple of weeks ago to stock up before the rise.

  birdface 15:40 27 Mar 2012


Remember the bigger they are the more expensive to send.

I did read or hear something the other day about the Government.

Taking over the pension scheme first.

Then selling off the rest of Royal Mail next year after they privatise it.

  birdface 15:43 27 Mar 2012

Blinking hate that you copy and paste and it looks fine at the print at the bottom then will not open properly.

Ignore those last 2 entries as they do not work. Sorry.

  bremner 16:00 27 Mar 2012


The first link works fine but needs you to register to view.

Second Link

  Chegs ®™ 16:41 27 Mar 2012

I'm anti-social so don't send xmas cards,the only way these price increases will affect me is when (on the few occasions)I have to pay to have the item delivered.I cannot recall the last time I sent a letter as I've used email instead.

  birdface 18:06 27 Mar 2012

Thanks bremner.

Looks like the prices are going up so that it will make it easier to sell.

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