The cost of I.D, cards

  carver 10:37 21 Feb 2009

Just read this click here and I wondered if after this we will now see some one in this government disclose the information asked for.

Well every MP who is asked questions about expenses always says " I just followed the rules" maybe they should do the same about I.D cards.

  Forum Editor 11:55 21 Feb 2009

but I'm not sure what you'll gain from it. You're either for the principle of ID cards or against it, or you don't care either way.

Learning about the cost effectiveness isn't really going to make you change your principles, is it?

  Cymro. 12:02 21 Feb 2009

So personally I am one of the don`t care either way lot, but if we are to have I.D. cards I would prefer that they cast as little as possible.

I would have thought it better for a government to adapt such thing as driving licences in such a way that they could also act as an I.D. card. This c

  PalaeoBill 12:50 21 Feb 2009

With any luck the whole scheme will be throttled by the credit crunch.

  Cymro. 13:17 21 Feb 2009

As there may well be a general election before I.D. cards are finally introduced we could well have a different government in power by then.

So it will be interesting to see just what a new government will do. Carry on with the scheme as it stands or cancel the whole idea.

  carmichy 14:49 21 Feb 2009

Cymro I agree with your do not care attitude about ID cards. They will be introduced whether we like it or not. As for your point on the next General Election changing the Government of this country ! It will be the first election to do that. The Governing Party may change but that will not change how the UK is governed.

  Cymro. 15:34 21 Feb 2009

The way some parts of the U.K. are governed changed soon after the Labour General Election victory of 1997. If you don`t think so then you have not heard about devolution.

  Forum Editor 16:46 21 Feb 2009

when enough people want it. The thing is, at least as far as governments are concerned, after a while lots of people tend to want a change just for change's sake, and they can swing a general election if it's a fairly even contest.

Then again, many people rant about a government when it's in office and promptly go and vote it back in again, come election time.

We're a fickle lot, and the person who learns to predict how the electorate will make up its mind will go down in history.

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