Cost Effective!

  Teaboy 17:22 10 Aug 2007

Are these nice people at NICE, who apparently are now running the NHS, giving instructions to our doctors as to what treatment they will be permitted to offer based upon Cost Effectiveness? The two high court actions recently- Wet Eye in the elderly, and Alzheimer's, seem to suggest that treatment will soon be refused in all cases that in the view of these NICE people, that is, in their opinion, not cost effective. who are these people that stand between me and my doctor? Where do they come from? where do they get the cheek?

I feel better now.

  4gig 17:42 10 Aug 2007

It sounds like you believe that those medicines work well enough in all cases.

You only have to track the share prices of the pharmaceutical companies,after a press release of a new drug, to know that it is all to do with making big money.

As for doctors, how would they know.
"Take these tablets.If they don't work then we will try something else"!

Reports say that many who are suffering from Alzheimer's and showing better health may be in a remission stage which has got very little,if any, to do with the new drugs.

Therefore,let's not waste good money on plastic drugs just because of false hopes.

  DieSse 20:00 10 Aug 2007

All about NICE click here

(a pdf download

To quote from it

"NICE also takes account of economic evidence, that is how well the medicine or treatment works in relation to how much it costs the NHS – does it represent value for money?"

So yes they do look at cost effectiveness - that's part of their remit. You can make representations to them if you have some evidence to show that they have made a wrong recommendation.

And that's all they do make - recommendations - all Health Authorities can choose whether or not to accept them, but normally they would accept them.

  bluto1 22:01 10 Aug 2007

I have Macular Degeneration, or as teaboy describes it "weteye". Much easier to say. I have often felt that the people I call the 'suits of the NHS' are more interested in saving the money that's thrown at them by the Government so that their bosses may keep their inflated salaries. Sounds bitter doesn't it? I'm not bitter about my condition, but very cynical about the way possible treatments are witheld. I
have had no tablets or medicinal help for weteye
up till now because there was none, but now that there is what's the delay? PC of using money some people think can be used elsewhere? I feel really sorry for people suffering from cancer or Alzheimers, or Parkinson's diseases especially if Post Coding is part of the criteria of treatment.

  Totally-braindead 23:48 10 Aug 2007

I feel very sorry for anyone suffering any sort of a disease that medicine can help alleviate. The trouble with the NICE people is they seemed to have proved to the courts satisfaction that the recent Alzeimers medicine is not effective for people at a particular stage (or so I read it in the news). Now this may or may not be the case, I don't know anything about medicines. But there is only so much money to go round so who should make the decision? The doctors? The trouble with that idea, and it seems logical when you first think about it is, doctors want to help their patients and I would think they would just prescribe medicines all the time in the hope that they would help their patients and within a very short time there would be no money left.

I don't know the answer, I don't know who should make the decision but someone has to.

I've already expressed my views on other threads about saving some cash for the NHS and shall we say my views are not politically correct but make sense to me. I'd rather money was spent on people who have Alzeimers and the like than on those who choose to destroy themselves using drugs like heroine and cocaine.

At the end of the day theres only so much money so who do you think should decide who should get treatment and who shouldn't?

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