The Cost of Copper Cable Thefts

  Quickbeam 09:22 18 Feb 2011

click here This is a local story to me as these thefts create big problems locally. It's unbelievable that a £40 drug fix theft can cost £75,000 to repair.

The report also says that they would like to see the scrap dealers moving towards 'cashless transactions'. I used to do some loads of worn rails when I had a truck to the scrap dealers, and in every case the contractor would arrive by car at the dealers to collect the money which was always paid in cash.

The scrap dealers hand out tens of thousands of pounds a week in cash, doesn't this ring alarm bells with tax inspectors and money laundering investigators? It a trade that's riddled with corruption.

  Woolwell 09:45 18 Feb 2011

In Plymouth too click here.
Someone must be buying this scrap and I don't understand why there isn't a clap down on scrap metal dealers.

  spuds 10:50 18 Feb 2011

Around our area it seems as though BT have a big problem with underground copper cable thefts.

Again around our way, regarding scrap dealers. The reputable ones seem to have a system of cctv and paper document ion evidence, that available to the police. But I suppose it still doesn't stop the odd load or three by-passing the system?.

The other evening our local newspaper was doing an article about recycling and scrap dealers and dealing. Apparently some dealers can conduct a simple type of electronic dna test on metals nowadays, which decides on value etc?.

  interzone55 12:03 18 Feb 2011

Many years ago a colleague of mine worked in the metal trade.

They did the whole process, bought scrap, melted it down, turned it into other stuff, like big gun barrels and stuff.

One day someone arrived with a few bells, which the boss bought as he'd been assured they "were kosher".

Two hours later the boss told my mate to smash the bells and melt them down NOW.

An hour later the police arrived enquiring if anyone had tried to sell them some bells as the parish church was three short.

Like almost all crime, this has been going on for years. When metal prices are high opportunist "businessmen" will take advantage any way they can...

  wiz-king 12:34 18 Feb 2011

I notice that it was raining in my laboratory after the snow melted, went up on the roof and found someone had swiped the lead flashing. Notified the local police and they said 'another one'.

  HondaMan 12:55 18 Feb 2011

"They have no idea of the disruption to the public " and what's more, they don't care!

  octal 13:40 18 Feb 2011

About twenty years ago in my last hospital we had a mortuary that was in a building external to the main hospital. One day a lorry drew up during the day with some 'builders' and the they proceeded to remove the lead flashing from the roof and NO ONE QUESTION THEM. They looked to all intents and purposes like builders just doing a job, if they look like builders……

  al's left peg 14:55 18 Feb 2011

They have stripped my former workplace of every length of copper cable in the space of 3 months. One of them even burnt his hand off by trying to pull a live busbar from a transformer.

  interzone55 15:13 18 Feb 2011

Sorry, just remembered another one.

A few years ago we had a big wind farm built about a mile up the road.

The turn on date was delayed because someone had pulled the high voltage cable out of the ground.

When CCTV was checked the thieves arrived in a big wagon with a large drum and winch and simply ripped the cable out of the ground and rolled it onto a drum.

These were a very professional team and altogether they took over a mile of high voltage cable in one night.

  jakimo 15:44 18 Feb 2011

Its a big problem in my local area,yet skip loads are left in yards for days on end.

  Strawballs 21:56 18 Feb 2011

That program about the Gypsies that has been on telly recently some of them did not want to be identified because it might affect their scrap metal buisness

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