Corrupt society?

  oresome 20:22 23 Sep 2009

The fines imposed yesterday on 100 plus building contractors for tendering malpractise follows on from price fixing by supermarkets and dairy companies. Sports goods retailers are also under the spotlight for possible price fixing and airlines were fined for attempted collusion over ticket pricing recently.

The sporting world seems to be dogged by cheating and even our law makers craft laws for others to follow, but not themselves.

Is it now generally accepted in all walks of life that you get away with what you can and those that keep to the straight and narrow path are wimps to be brushed aside?

  tein 20:38 23 Sep 2009

BUT they are all breaking the law! & its not fair to smaller companies!

They do deserve punishing cause they know its against the law! BUT some of the fines are way harsh! some companies are stating they will be job losses.?

  interzone55 20:54 23 Sep 2009

Big business has always sought out ways to tip the balance in their favour. Sometimes it works, some times they get caught and slapped with a fine somewhat smaller than any additional income "earned"...

  Deekio 22:03 23 Sep 2009

I think you should listen to the song by
Buffy Saint Marie (And the Big Ones Get Away)
and don't think it's only just started.They are just more shameless now.

  spuds 22:33 23 Sep 2009

It happens in all walks of life, and for anyone that states it doesn't lives in a dream world.

Ask yourself this simple question:
Why do supermarkets publish competitors prices, and how do they obtain these!.

And its just not with price fixing :O((

  Deekio 22:59 23 Sep 2009

You're right Spuds,
But what gets up your nose is they all preach to you
that you should do this and you should'nt do that.
They don't, they just shaft us all the time and we put up with it like meek little citizens, that's if we can be called citizens anymore, I think we are now regarded as Sheep Waiting to be Shorn.

  Forum Editor 23:17 23 Sep 2009

it has been going on for hundreds of years.

It's like a lot of other things that have been happening for a long time - modern technology ensures that if we want to we can read/hear/see about almost anything that's newsworthy, and a lot of things that aren't.

  Forum Editor 23:20 23 Sep 2009

"Why do supermarkets publish competitors prices, and how do they obtain these!."

I would have thought it was obvious:-

1. They publish competitors' prices if their own are lower.

2. The obtain the prices by the simple expedient of having people go around their competitors' stores and making notes, or checking the web sites.

It's not rocket science, and it's perfectly legitimate business practice. If someone else is charging more than I am I want potential customers to know about it.

  Spark6 23:50 23 Sep 2009

Unless I have completely missed part of the thrust of your post, as the others who have commented, I would guess you were referring to the employment of illegals and the subsequent slap on the wrist.
Classic do not do what I do, do as I say. Fat chance!

  spuds 00:08 24 Sep 2009

I fully appreciate that knowing a competitors price is not rocket science. I also know that when buying teams talk to manufacturers and suppliers, they also negotiate prices, including own brand name goods. Perhaps competitors prices, discounts and incentives may come into these negotiations, because if I was part of a buying team, then I would certainly want to know?.

"1. They publish competitor's prices if their own are lower".
I do not think that they would consider publishing higher prices (unless you are one of the up-market stores),because that might turn the consumer away, but Tesco and other supermarkets do publish 'same' price advertising for some products, as part of their sales strategy.

  Deekio 19:32 24 Sep 2009

Quite right,
All my life's a circle, sunset and sundown!

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