Is this the correct thing to say

  Noldi 18:42 08 Feb 2008

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In this article is this quote. "Everyone gets a bonus if we win - from the race staff to the cleaners," he is quoted as saying by the publication Personnel Today.

I never understand people belittling people like this, Cleaners do a very important job in a company. I have known some people who think they are further up the ladder that I would give less respect to than the people in our company cleaning team. Are cleaners really that low down the ladder.


  Kemistri 18:45 08 Feb 2008

It's just an expression.

  anskyber 18:49 08 Feb 2008

I can see your concerns. I certainly agree that the respect which is shown to individuals should not be measured out according to what some might regard as more valuable people. Respect is, or rather should be, a level thing, an equality.

Respect is rather different to value in the market place because some skills are rare and therefore can command higher pay.

Reading the article I do not read it as demeaning the cleaners, rather I read it as saying we are all in it together and everyones contribution is respected.

  Noldi 18:50 08 Feb 2008

"It's just an expression".
Exactly but it implies that this profession is the lowest you can get?. And that is not correct.


  lisa02 19:10 08 Feb 2008

Lowest as in undesirable?

Which is correct. The people in cleaning jobs are there because they can get no better.

It is degrading aswell as people look down on you. Think it's funny to leave a mess behind "Ah well I'm keeping you in a job" etc etc

It is why most cleaning positions are filled by immigrant workers too. We don't want them (the jobs) and it's all the immigrants with poor comm skill scan get.

One of the cleaners in my old place was a qualified teacher back home but couldn't get any work which is why he ended up cleaning in a retail store.

  recap 19:21 08 Feb 2008

In my opinion the cleaner is the most important person in the building, without their relentless work we could not work in a safe and healthy environment.

  lisa02 19:34 08 Feb 2008

I agree. My other half was in a cleaning role for about a year til he got a better job.

  MAT ALAN 19:37 08 Feb 2008

n my opinion the cleaner is the most important person in the building, without their relentless work we could not work in a safe and healthy environment.

DULL statement, you should be aware of your surroundings and keep it tidy at all times so others around you can work in a safe environment, so the cleaners can come to your place of work and do THIER job safely...

  rezeeg 19:45 08 Feb 2008

I agree with you recap. I wouldn't go into a pub, club or restaurant etc. that wasn't clean, as well as expecting a clean workplace.

Cleaners are unsung heroes, regardless of whether or not they can get no better.

  recap 19:57 08 Feb 2008


As the Health & Safety officer for work, I am aware of the surrounding and without the cleaners hard work it would be hard to sustain the cleanliness of the environment. Hence my statement that the cleaner in my opinion is the most important person an employer has on their payroll.

  Marko797 08:22 09 Feb 2008

they are just indicating that *all levels* within the Honda structure will be rewarded, to my mind.

At least the cleaners were recognised as being part of the Honda structure, which they are of course.

Get off your respective soap boxes people & stop looking for politically incorrectness that isn't there. Paranoid the lot of you.

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