Copper thefts on the increase

  jack 09:26 25 Oct 2010

A piece in this mornings BBC Breakfast programme highlighted the increasing incident of copper cable thefts and the ensuing disruption caused.
Well known and often reported.
A side issue of this,last week i received a letter from EDF offering further compensation to the £50 already paid if I could prove loss of service for more then 36 hours.
At the same time the leader of Bexley Council[one of the most effected areas] shouting 'Not enough- pay more
I thought 'Why?' Such an individual would be falling over backward to avoid his council paying out for a broken pavement injury for example.
In EDF's [the supplier]case the loss of service was not their fault at at all - Which was plain at the outset - yet it took an inquiry to establish this.

  Quickbeam 09:34 25 Oct 2010

And lead as well, no end of closed pubs get moonlight strippers in that remove copper, lead and anything else of value within days of some buildings closing.

Then there always seems to be a convenient fire to allow the owners to demolish it immediately and before you know it another block of flats has appeared... coincidence?

  canarieslover 10:04 25 Oct 2010

There was very nearly a fire and explosion locally when thieves actually stole some gas pipe a couple of weeks ago. Gas people turned up very quickly and averted the need to evacuate some 700 homes in the vicinity. It's the first time I have heard of raids on 'live' gas pipe, although live electric cable seems to hold no fear for thieves.

  jack 10:07 25 Oct 2010

The son of an acquaintance had the opportunity to purchase a rather nice bungalow for an extraordinary low price.
Why- It had been empty for a while and had been entirely stripped, of all copper fittings cable and pipe work leaving the place flooded and in deed of a total rewire and plumb.

  Quickbeam 10:34 25 Oct 2010

This explosion was as a result of a 'live' raid click here

And this one is suspected of the same click here and is still under investigation. Both sites are now demolished.

  the hick 07:25 01 Nov 2010

On new buildings of flats, the gas pipes now run up the outside of the building, to each apartment, rather than being inside and out of view as previously. Near me, there is a new four-storey block, so the gas pipe to top floor is around three floors height in length, say 28 feet. These new regs. are not well thought out! I am just back from holiday near Rome, 'done' the usual sights, however I did note that many buildings there have copper down-pipes from gutters, about 3 ins. dia., formed in seamed tube, with soldered joints, and pre-formed bends etc.. I don't think this would catch on here somehow.

  Quickbeam 07:38 01 Nov 2010

Rome's usual sights really must have been a real let down to spend the holiday checking the plumbing on Rome's apartment blocks!

Michelangelo must be turning in his grave when you go to view his attempts at interior decorating...

  morddwyd 08:46 01 Nov 2010

Went to look at Michelangelo's work when in Rome.

It was closed.

Few years later went to Versailles.

It was closed.

I don't go abroad any more!

  Quickbeam 09:02 01 Nov 2010

They were probably doing a makeover, the same decor gets a bit boring after the first two or three centuries. Some nice magnolia emulsion and the Sistine chapel will look completely modern again...

  spuds 12:06 01 Nov 2010

Placing copper gas pipes outside any property can be just as scary as having it inside. I recall copper gas pipes fitted on the outside getting easily damaged by third party activities, then the gas supplier getting concerned who should foot the bill for escaping gas, because the meter is registering high usage.

We have just had our gas supply re-routed from underground wrought iron to wall mounted copper pipe, plus the meter moved further away from the house, don't like it one bit, but try telling that to the gas suppliers.

  Quickbeam 12:16 04 Nov 2010

click here By the lowest of the low or what?

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