copper coins and fish

hello, i have 3 pet fish, have had for about 10 years. have no idea what they are, opinions range from koi carp to large pond fish that have over grown due to the tank being bigger than my car.
they look like goldfish with huge flowing fins are about same length as a standard washing up bowl and quite chunky and heavy.
anyway they always look well, but the biggest has a row of tiny white spots on his front fin. they hate having anything put into the water and because of the size of them they can do a lot of thrashing about when upset, so im thinking i should put some tonic in the water, but am looking for an alternative.
i found this click here
sounds ok but don't want them to eat the coin or the coin to do any harm.
anyone tried/ heard of this before?

  mrwoowoo 14:23 15 Jun 2009

I would go to my local petshop and get some white spot treatment.
Once the parasite breaks away from the host fish it will multiply in the pond and return with vengance.
Don't get a cure all.Get a white spot specific one.

  Quickbeam 14:25 15 Jun 2009

If the copper really does work, cut some copper plumbing pipe into short lengths and put them in. At least they will be 100% copper, unlike a coin.

  Quickbeam 14:28 15 Jun 2009

It does at first hearing sound like an old wives tale. I'd be interested to know if there's anything in it. Would it work if some short lengths were put into the filter with the bio material?

mrwoowoo, think im gonna do that, im reading more and more conflicting views on the coins, the main problem being heavy belly which seems to kill, thats when they eat it. it can throw the nitrate balance out i think i'll try the tonic (with a tin hat on)
quickbeam thats a better idea than the coins, and most algae solutions have copper nitrate in them.
i'll ask the man in the shop!
im sure he wont try and talk me out of a sale though!
thanks for the replies.

  Quickbeam 14:51 15 Jun 2009

'heavy belly', is that caused by the fish eating the coins?

Oh dear, I've caught VNAM75's affliction... will that be a computer variant of the swine flu virus?

it's just along the very front edge of the front fins. if i tickle them they let me pick them up but not for very long! all back in clean water now and it's just the one fish, who hasnt been himself the last week, i'm off down the shop to buy some white spot treatment. thanks for the replies, quickbeam, straight over my head that one!

  Quickbeam 18:19 15 Jun 2009

I'm intrigued to know if there's anything in the copper theory.

Prior to a new filter system I put in in the spring, The old filter was fed at a height of 6' inside the garage via 19mm copper piping feeding and draining the filter. I also had two copper 90 degree bends from the old pump to the main hose to the filter inside the pond.

So I'm wondering if the copper in the system may unwittingly have been why my fish appear to have been incredibly healthy over the years.

My sister just last week lost nearly 30 fish in less than 4 days due to what we now think was a fungal infection.

  Forum Editor 18:34 15 Jun 2009

is commonly used to treat cases of white-spot, but be careful about dumping coins or copper tube into the water.

Whitespot is a complex parasitical infection, and urgent treatment is necessary if you want to keep these fish alive - just because only one fish shows signs of an infection it doesn't mean the others are safe.

Buy a proprietary treatment, and stick religiously to the instructions. Parasites are likely to be in the water, no matter how clean it looks, and if you want to avoid further outbreaks I suggest that you buy and use a UV steriliser. This device will pass the water around a glass spiral, inside which sits a powerful Ultra Violet light. The light will kill pathogens in the water, and keep the fish free from parasites.

White-spot tends to be introduced into tanks with new plants, and it's an idea to be very careful about where you buy from - get them from a reputable supplier.

  Quickbeam 18:38 15 Jun 2009

There's an awful lot of contradictory opinion on the net regarding copper & fish. The only site that I've found that seems to find copper definitely harmful to fish is this one click here

I'm baffled, until adman 2 mention the two things together, I'd never given it a thought...

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