copper bracelets

  polish 20:20 12 Sep 2010

has anyone had any experience of copper bracelets is it a myth or do they really work for arthritis and rheumatism

  lotvic 20:27 12 Sep 2010

IMHO myth

  canarieslover 20:34 12 Sep 2010

I tried the copper bracelet for over a year with no effect other than a green wrist. I have also tried the magnetic one and found that it made me feel ill. I thought it may have been a coincidence but a few days after I took it off I was feelng O.K. again so I gave up on that.

  polish 20:40 12 Sep 2010

sounds like its not going to work unless it was something i believed would work in my mind if that makes sense

  sunnystaines 20:43 12 Sep 2010

eating garden peas will give you all the copper you need.

  SB23 20:57 12 Sep 2010

I did, and still wear it with no ill effect.
I injured my wrist 18 years ago, and was told to expect arthritis as I got older, I'm now 43, wrist is still painful at times, but it does seem to have helped, and the twisted type I have looks good, lol!.

Try it.


  Paddylad 21:25 12 Sep 2010

Had one some years ago when my doctor diagnosed chronic arthritis. I'm sure he'd just learned the word chronic, because any arthriris sufferer will tell you the pain is chronic. I got a copper bracelet and it was as useful as anash tray on a motorcycle.

  Paddylad 21:27 12 Sep 2010

I forgot to add that eating greens is far superior to the bracelet.

  spuds 21:37 12 Sep 2010

Its probably all in the mind, but give it a try. I used one for a few years with no ill effect, and I am still not sure whether it did anything or not.

Some bands can make the wrist greener, others seem to be better. Poundland and Pound World had some in the other week, perhaps far cheaper than those at the chemists?.

Would mention that the fancy twisted wire ones can break with flexing,and the jagged ends can perhaps cut the wrist, so bear this in mind if you make a purchase.

  wolfie3000 00:22 13 Sep 2010

Its a myth.

  morddwyd 06:53 13 Sep 2010

Works for me, myth or not.

General opinion seems to be that while it is a myth, with no medical or scientific evidence to justify it, it does work for some people, and I am one of them.

Whether the perceived relief is psychosomatic or not doesn't matter, the relief is there.

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