Cooking oil disposal, how?

  rickf 14:47 07 Sep 2012

If you did quite a fair bit of regular frying, say chips. how do you normally dispose of your old stale oil? I am loathed to just chuck it down the drain for obvious reasons.

  Pine Man 14:53 07 Sep 2012

According to the Environment Agency:-

Householders can dispose of their waste cooking oil in their general household waste.

Waste cooking oils can be soaked into normal household rubbish or placed into rigid plastic containers. Small amounts of waste cooking oil could be soaked into bread as food for birds.

Some civic amenity sites have the facility to accept the waste cooking oil. Householders will have to contact their local authority to see if the facility is available in their area.

  Quickbeam 15:01 07 Sep 2012

If you have a diesel car, you could pour it into the tank as the taxi drivers in Grimsby do...

  KRONOS the First 15:28 07 Sep 2012

I keep the bottles it came in then when the oil is a black as tar,only then will I consider changing it and I put it in the original bottles and in with the general waste.

(PS. black as tar is a joke.)

  Pine Man 15:49 07 Sep 2012

'when the oil is a black as tar'

.....that's when you filter it through an old pair of your wife's tights (or somebody else's wife's tights) then it should be good for another 5 - 10 years!

Stockings might work - they do for me;-))

  wiz-king 15:56 07 Sep 2012

Mix it 50:50 with wood preservative (old engine oil) and paint the fence?

  KRONOS the First 16:14 07 Sep 2012

Stockings might work - they do for me;-))

Your private life should stay that,private.

  wiz-king 18:00 07 Sep 2012

The Chinese do it this way.

  namtas 19:21 07 Sep 2012

It has been found that unsaturated cooking oils that had been frequently reheated were carcinogenic in test on rats.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:08 07 Sep 2012

"It has been found that unsaturated cooking oils that had been frequently reheated were carcinogenic in test on rats."

No problem, I only drink fresh cooking oil.

  oresome 21:22 07 Sep 2012

A quiet lane near where I live had large drums of the stuff dumped in the ditches. Not noticed any new arrivals recently...........perhaps they have now found someone to buy it for conversion to diesel engine fuel.

On another much busier lane I walk down, I counted 27 car tyres in the ditch in the space of half a mile!

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