The Consumer Preview of Windows 10 is expected to be unveiled this Wednesday. Will you install it?

  PC Advisor 10:23 19 Jan 2015

W expect to see a Consumer Preview version of Windows 10 unveiled this Wednesday. You can read more about the rumoured new features here. But will you install the Consumer Preview? Place your vote in our poll.

  john bunyan 15:15 19 Jan 2015

I tend to leapfrog releases; I went from XP to W7, bypassing Vista and Millenium. I took note of Jock 1e and others who do not like W8 and am happy witrh my current W7. I think I will wait a year or so post W10 launch for the bugs to be ironed out and will pay if necessary, although I may wait until it is pre installed and get a new laptop to try it before changing my trusty desktop that uses Photoshop CS5 and other programmes I do not want to replace.

  Belatucadrus 15:25 19 Jan 2015

If they do a bootable iso I'll definately play with it, but installing Beta and prerelease is a bit of a risk unless there's a spare machine to test stuff on and all my available kit is from the ark and would have a fit of the screeming heebie jeebies if 10 went anywhere near it.

  inicholson 17:54 19 Jan 2015

I already have the Tech Preview running on an old Vista laptop; it struggles to run that (it was great with original Vista but by SP2 had slowed to a crawl). If what I'm told about Consumer Preview/ the final version of W10 is correct it'll have more going on than the Tech preview and is therefore likely to be even slower on my old laptop - I'll give it a try but I reckon it's about to become a Linux Laptop.

The laptop that replaced it is running Win7, I'd probably upgrade to 10 if it was free or very cheap (£30 for Win 8 was too much, but 10 looks better - could we compromise on £20, Microsoft?).

My partner uses an old desktop running XP. I'd like to get rid of the obsolete OS - so again, if it's cheap enough we'll upgrade.

Finally, I keep looking at new laptops but so far my memories of the Consumer Preview of Win8 has put me off - guarantee Win1O is a free upgrade and let me play with a Consumer Preview to confirm I like it and maybe I'll shell out a few hundred quid for new hardware. Alternatively my kids might succeed in persuading me to buy a Macbook; they've been trying for long enough and it's the only OS I've never really got around to trying properly.

  QuizMan 20:32 19 Jan 2015

I rather like the look of it from the tech preview I am running on an old laptop. But upgrading from Windows 7 is unlikely to be free so it depends on how much (or little) Microsoft plans to charge.

  aquatarkus 00:30 20 Jan 2015

Hi there

Already running the tech preview on a laptop and a spare pc, no problems with either. Will upgrade all my pc's and laptops + htpc to Win10 when it officially comes out, not had any issues with the tech preview very stable works fine but then i've never had an issue with win8 /8.1. Never saw what all the fuss / problems were with people complaining about win8, always though most of the people who complained about win8 hadn't actually used it or didn't try to understand.

Regards Keith W

  QuizMan 12:36 22 Jan 2015

The BBC site says "The offer, which is limited to the Windows 10's first year of release......" which I take to mean that you must install it within 12 months of the release date to take advantage of the offer.

  mole1944 13:12 22 Jan 2015

What does "free" mean free to upgrade and does that include lifetime upgrades as per patch Tuesday. I have a laptop running Vista 32 and a desktop running Win7 home premium,what i will do is Acronis clone my desktop drive upgrade to win 10 to see how it goes then at least i'm bomb proof in case the orchard is full of pear trees.

  inicholson 15:51 22 Jan 2015

It's free to upgrade for at least a year - Microsoft are leaving themselves a get out clause to start charging for those who don't upgrade in that time (like when they put the price of Win8 up after an introductory period).

It would seem foolish not to activate a Win10 installation while it's free, but downloading the ISO for your current OS would seem like a wise precaution (I downloaded the Win7 ISO yesterday - I plan to install Win10, but I want to make sure there's a way back to 7 if it turns out to be a lemon. Also it's irritating me that I can't have a free upgrade for my Vista laptop - I'd really prefer all my devices on the same OS).

Once installed they've said it will be supported "for the lifetime of the device". How they define that is not clear - if your device is too low spec to run Win 11 has it reached the end of its life?

  caccy 17:27 22 Jan 2015

If it will be free for win 7 users then I'll try it 300 or so days after launch. Most of the bugs should be cleared by then.

  hssutton 09:57 23 Jan 2015

If I can install it as a standalone version, i.e not an upgrade then I will have a look, Otherwise I will not entertain it, as I'm perfectly happy with W7

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