Consumer law

  laurie53 10:21 09 Oct 2008

Perhaps the EU is not entirely useless as they propose better consumer protection!

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  GRIDD 10:25 09 Oct 2008

That's all well and good but a lot of manufacturers won't honour warranty outside the country of sale.

  GRIDD 10:25 09 Oct 2008

.....So I'll stick to buying in the UK.

  Cymro. 11:14 09 Oct 2008

"That's all well and good but a lot of manufacturers won't honour warranty outside the country of sale".

So the sooner the EU becomes the United States Of Europe the better then.

  laurie53 11:27 09 Oct 2008

I think you miss the point.

The proposal is designed to make warranties, and othet consumer law, enforceable throughout the union.

  Forum Editor 13:46 09 Oct 2008

and one which is greatly overdue.

  GRIDD 09:34 10 Oct 2008

I haven't. Legally the warranty is with the seller and not the manufacturer but the manufacturer is often the fastest call for a repair.

So if I buy a camera from France sure the seller is responsible but the arm of the manufacturer present in the UK doesn't have any obligations to fix it for me and will (often) refuse to fix it because it was bought in another country.

Prime example is the Sony PS3. People bought the prized 60GB model from other countries when the shelves cleared in the UK. Some of them are now having issue as Sony UK won't fix them.

I stand by what I said..... I'll buy in the UK so I can get it fixed in the UK.

  laurie53 20:14 10 Oct 2008

"Some of them are now having issue as Sony UK won't fix them."

Why should they? It's not their responsibility, and the proposed change to EU consumer law won't change that.

The responsibility will still lie with the seller, but hopefully baxcked up by law.

I still think you missed either the point of my post or the point of the proposed legislation!

Whether you buy in the UK or not is entirely a personal decision - your rights will be the same no matter where you buy.

I will preferably buy in a shop rather than on line or by post because it's easier to make a return, but if justified I am still entitled to my return no matter how I buy.

  GRIDD 20:51 11 Oct 2008

laurie53 - I'm not missing the point at all.

The legislation is good but more often than not it's better to get a repair from the manufacturer and not the seller.

Perhaps if the legislation had a section appended to say that manufacturers can't refuse to honour the warranty if it was bought in another part of Europe.

  GRIDD 20:57 11 Oct 2008

I might be persuaded to shop further away for goods.

  laurie53 08:34 12 Oct 2008

But this legislation is to do with shoppers' rights.

You shop with a retailer, not a manufacturer, unless a manufacturer has a retail arm itself, in which case it will be bound by the same retail consumer laws.

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