Conspiracy theories

  VoG II 12:00 12 Jan 2008

Interesting article click here

  sunny staines 12:04 12 Jan 2008

no comment, got shot down on the moon thread.

  Quickbeam 12:05 12 Jan 2008

some gullible people in this world. I'll stick with proven theories like the Earth being flat...

  JanetO 12:12 12 Jan 2008

You will if you're non-blinkered and open-minded. You have to go with the flow of the 'in' crowd.

  newman35 12:16 12 Jan 2008

As worldwide instant communication develops, many benefits accrue, but at the same time possibly more dangers arise.
It now means any 'warped-minded' individual has instant access to the 'world' from his bedroom and can flaunt any theories he wishes, unproven or untested.
There will always be the gullible who will then 'expand' the rubbish.
Ah, progress!

  Forum Editor 12:38 12 Jan 2008

about believing nonsense - it's open minded to question, certainly, and I always assume that intelligent people do that anyway.

Lots of people don't, it seems. They accept all kinds of loony theorising, and start believing because it's often more exciting to think that dark forces are at work. Why believe that the twin towers collapsed because large passenger jets were flown into them when you can just as easily imagine that something even more sinister was at work?

"Look at the way the towers collapsed vertically. Jet fuel wouldn't generate enough to heat to melt steel. Only controlled explosions can do that." The rest of the party, not being structural engineers (for whom there is nothing mysterious about the collapse of the towers) pricked up their ears. "You're right," they said. "It did seem strangeā€¦"

That's how it works, and there's nothing whatever open-minded and non-blinkered about it - it's just gullible people not bothering to think for themselves, or not being capable of doing so.

  DieSse 15:15 12 Jan 2008

"it's just gullible people not bothering to think for themselves, or not being capable of doing so."

Bit like religions really.

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