Conservative MP calls for a return of the death penalty.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:54 02 Aug 2011

From the BBC: BBC News

My own view is that the death penalty no longer has a place in a civilised society.

  bremner 16:15 02 Aug 2011

This very evocative subject that has been discussed many many times on this forum and which often gets very heated.

I have one simple comment. I know we live in a parliamentary democracy but I feel we should have been granted a referendum on this issue.

As signatories to the ECHR we could not now bring back capital punishment but we should have had the right to express our views.

  Flak999 16:21 02 Aug 2011


I agree, we should have had a referendum on this issue. The ECHR is another reason why we should get out of Europe.

I know it will never happen, but I would welcome the reintroduction of the death penalty for the most heinous of crimes.

  spuds 16:22 02 Aug 2011

What's the betting that this MP will now receive all types of publicity about how very wrong he is, and he should perhaps resign immediately?.

If we had Sharia law, then this news item would not even be discussed!.

  MAJ 16:35 02 Aug 2011

It is my opinion that killing anyone, for any reason, other than self defence, is wrong, but by all means allow a Commons debate or a referendum (when the country can afford it) on the subject.

  Aitchbee 16:41 02 Aug 2011

The timing is impeccable, just after the terrible events in Norway.But I see 'smokescreen' written all over this.

  gigagiggles 17:18 02 Aug 2011

If it's a question of whether death penalty should be on the table at all, much like nuclear bombs, then a referendum should be occasioned. But no referendum can possibly settle how and when it can be applied. Considering how protracted the debate within U.S. Congress was on $$$, a debate on death penalty application would be just as protracted. There are higher priority issues. Smokescreen!

  Forum Editor 18:07 02 Aug 2011

Fortunately the vast majority of British people are imbued with a fair degree of common sense, so I can confidently predict that - even if we had a referendum - this country will not restore the death penalty; not now, and not in the foreseeable future.

State executions are barbaric and pointless. Endless studies have shown that the death penalty does not reduce the murder rate. I fail, therefore, to see a single reason why a truly civilised society like ours should go to the expense of conducting a referendum to decide whether or not to maintain the status quo. We don't (and shouldn't) execute people because they may have killed someone themselves, whatever the individual circumstances might be.

  sunnystaines 18:25 02 Aug 2011

death penalty should be brought back for murder

  Condom 18:37 02 Aug 2011

I'm with the FE on this. Apart from the logical reasons there have also been too many mistakes made in recent years so unless we can bring people back to life again when we make these errors I think not.

  Forum Editor 18:44 02 Aug 2011

"death penalty should be brought back for murder"

Is that it - no attempt to explain why?

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