Confounded and Flumuxed

  It's Me 15:31 14 Sep 2004

I sometimes feel that I am not in tune with the rest of the world. Take this morning for instance.

I had ordered a copy of Avery's DesignPro 2000 so that I could do some address labels for Christmas Cards. My old software wouldn't work on XP.

It arrived this morning in the post. Fought my way through the amazingly tough(I hadn't had my Weetabix yet) plastic wrapper into the box which was 75% fresh air to find a guarantee card to send off, a CD and an instruction book.

Over the aforesaid cereals, I read the card and it said that I needed the serial number which was on the back of the Jewel case. I couldn't see it. Therefore started to read instructions wherein it stated that I needed the serial number shown on the back of the Jewel case. Perhaps I have a pitated copy thinks I, after all I ordered it on Avery's web site and the package came from a company that I had never heard of.

There was a 0800 number to ring, frustration set in because they didn't start 'till 10am. (That's half the day gone - - why didn't I ever have a job like that) Eventually I got through and explained my plight only to be advised that the number wasn't on the jewel case now as they put it on the CD and I would see the number as I installed the software. Why the H--- couldn't they put a sticker on this box.

Then I read the instructions of how to do what to me should be a simple job. A headache appeared quickly as I read about fields and all kinds of strange things. Why can't I just type out the address in a list and this £25 of Software just print it; why has it to be so difficult.

Sorry about the length of this moan, I think I feel a bit better for it.

  Old Shep 15:41 14 Sep 2004

Some days you wake up and think why did I bother but thats life as they say.

Lots of programs do what you want I use Serif PagePlus it has Avery Labels on it as do others.

Sorry probably spoilt your day even more now!!!!

  jack 19:55 14 Sep 2004

And Paint Shop Pro
So many times been caught out to get something 'specific' only to find later that another program that is already on the machine colud do it just as well.

It's me as well -It's Me

  Sapins 09:10 15 Sep 2004

Silly Billy, the cereal number is just under where it say's Weetabix, but, you'll have a job getting the packet in the CD drive. LOL

  €dstowe 09:40 15 Sep 2004

Design Pro Lite version is almost as good as the paid for one and, best of all, it is free and doesn't need a serial (or even cereal) number.

click here and scroll to the bottom of the page

  LastChip 23:11 15 Sep 2004

Serif's marketing is a right Royal pain in the ...., but their software has to be the best value for money, your likely to find anywhere.

Even a Desktop Publishing novice like me can use it. High praise indeed!

  It's Me 15:05 16 Sep 2004

You may well be right, but I have actually ordered, paid and received the full box of tricks, hence the battle with the plastic wrapper.

I will have to have a go with it.and make sure that there is a darkened room, with Brandy, close by to escape to.

  JonnyTub 15:16 16 Sep 2004

i personally prefer the serials to be on the cd as i often find my boxes have been flung out by the almighty cleaning frenzy beast i'm married to.

  oresome 19:53 17 Sep 2004

I have little sympathy with anyone who reads the instructions first. They are to be treated as an absolute last resort where all other avenues have been explored and failed. In fact they are usually only brought to my attention by the better half after I start throwing things about.

Similarly, the postcard never gets a second thought, until the item fails.

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