Conductors on buses

  DANZIG 11:43 07 May 2008

They're discussing Boris's concept of banning alcohol on public transport on BBC News at the minute.

Tied in with this is the 'concept' of putting conductors back on buses.

Hooray! I don't want them issuing tickets though in a Blakey style - I want meaty security guard types who can kick people off who are making other people's journeys a misery.

You never know, it might get more people back on the buses if they know the commute to work isn't going to blighted by 'ver kids' playing tinny RnB at full whack on mobile phones etc etc.

Anyone else agree with my Meldrew-esque rant???

  Mike D 11:46 07 May 2008

Couldn't agree more!

  Bingalau 11:51 07 May 2008

I certainly do. Very Victor Meldrew-ish, but why not?

  DANZIG 11:53 07 May 2008

I don't travel on buses that much. Partly for the above reason and partly because it would add an extra hour and a half to my 10 hour working day, but every time I have had to use buses at the busy times of the day I feel amazed that people actually put up with it!

  JanetO 11:55 07 May 2008

I think it was foolish to stop having the conductors in the first place. maybe Boris isn't going to be the baffoon after all.

  DANZIG 11:58 07 May 2008

Can't help but agree. I posted a while back about being totally uninterested in what goes on in London but if his approach takes off and we get a bit of protection from the undesirables everywhere (not just in that there London), then I shall have to eat my words.

  recap 11:59 07 May 2008

After working in the bus industry for 24 years starting in the mid 1970's. I was a conductor for the first 3 years of my employment and rarely had any trouble even on a Saturday night when the pubs closed.

I found that after the loss of conductors there seemed to be more trouble on buses. The installation of CCTV on buses doesn't stop this, having an extra body [a bus conductor] on the bus does help stop trouble in my opinion.

  Legolas 12:18 07 May 2008

I was on a bus a couple of weeks ago and a young guy was playing loud music from his mobile phone. When the bus stopped at a Bus Stop the driver shouted up the bus at the guy to turn the music down or off.

I am sure I was not alone on the bus in feeling like giving the driver a cheer. Conductors back on buses would be a great step forward, unfortuneately they would have to be kitted out in all sorts of protective gear.

I know the bus drivers in Glasgow carry DNA swab kits so that when they get spat at they can take a sample of the dirty so and so's saliva. The litter wardens in Glasgow are kitted out in stab vests so I would expect conductors to feel the need for similar protection. Not a great advert for Glasgow.

  DANZIG 12:20 07 May 2008

Just give the conductor's tasers - or would that be against the crim's human rights.

  Chegs ®™ 12:46 07 May 2008

Everyone is agreed that conductors are a good idea,then goes on to say society is so violent that they'd need kitted out with protective gear.These oiks are someones children,how did they get to be feared?If I hear anyone else mention "human rights" I think I'm gonna be sick.Are you saying that human rights has produced a society so violent people are frightened of opening their mouths and asking the annoyance from mobiles be stopped.As for banning alcohol on buses,I live in a town that has banned alcohol consumption in many public places & there are still empty bottles and cans strewn around them and drunken obnoxious oiks gather there.

  DANZIG 12:50 07 May 2008

I agree, the (sub)human rights thing is brought up at every occasion whenever things like this are discussed.

Whats the betting though that Liberty rear their heads if it happens though.....

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