Computers, their uses and time spent.

  Joe R 19:16 01 May 2005

Good evening all,

( God, I sound like the village bobby )

Anyway, my eldest daughter is doing a high school survey, on P.C. technology, how long people spend on their systems, and what " the average person " uses the technology for.

I hope I can start the ball rolling, by stating, that I spend an average three - four hours daily on my own P.C., half of which, is spent on filling out invoices, goods received notices, and different types of forms relating to my employment.

I also like to work with photo's in photoshop 6, which may account for another hour or so.

My remaining time is spent surfing various sites, trying to glean more knowledge, about a few different subjects.

P.C. knowhow, is mostly picked up from this forum, and another hobby of mines is playing guitar, which I started to learn a couple of years ago. ( "playing guitar", in my case is a very loose description, or so my family tell me ). Never mind I still find it enjoyable.

Both of my daughters, having no internet access on their own system, are allowed ninety minutes each, per day, ( only taken up once or twice per week ),
With both spending a lot of time on, the BBC site playing games etc.

My eldest daghter also spends some time, on MSN Messenger "chatting with her friends", and she has enabled the settings so that only certain people, who know her, are informed she is online.

Sorry for the long-winded posting, and I hope that I can ensure that my eldest may have a well balanced survey, for her schoolwork.

  Joe R 19:18 01 May 2005

"daghter" !

  Ancient Learner 21:46 01 May 2005


Spend about 7/8 hours on the PC. Some time spent sorting out messes caused by software writers when I update a programme. Up to an hour making sure that my backups are OK, and the security is also OK. Once a week a couple of hours defragging.
Writing Emails to friends about half an hour and this site - well - it can be an hour or a lot longer.
The remainder games of one kind or another.

I've not got the excuse of working, because I'm retired, but not as fit as I would like to be.

I hope that is some help, but it is very difficult to be at all precise.

  spuds 21:54 01 May 2005

Google search brought up some very good results. Here's a couple, which may provide some information for a survey click here click here

  Pooke100 23:24 01 May 2005

6 hours roughly throughout the day. (in between the missus taking the PC off me)

Read up on various things online.
Check PCA and eBay.
Tweak & run defrag etc and generally mess up XP.
Upload photos of my kids and edit/print them.
Play games, my favourite is minesweeper!
Send Emails.
Randomly run manual AV and spyware scans.

Not in that order, but the top of the list is what I spend most time on, accumulatively.


  [email protected]@ 23:27 01 May 2005

My own use consists of 5 hours per day average,of which ! hour internet use and the rest gaming.

Hubby about 6 hours per day - 4 hours work - 2 hours internet or gaming.

  CurlyWhirly 11:35 02 May 2005

I spend a lot of time on forums especially when I am not in work in which case around 8 hours a day (blush).

I also use the PC for banking, playing online games, for educational purposes i.e. learning about the latest PC technology, etc, and REAL gaming especially now as I can use my old PS2 dualshock controller with my PC after buying a special adapter.

Also not forgetting the convenience of sending and receiving e-mails to my family and friends!

  Joe R 12:38 02 May 2005


thank you for the links, though the first one is centred around the USA, and the second one is taken from the year 2000.

The project has to be handed in on 09/05/05, so I will let the thread run for a few days yet.

This forum now has over 165,000 members, so hopefully the ones who post to this thread, will come from many different spectrums of society.

  amonra 15:08 02 May 2005

Guilt, Guilt, Guilt.
There's the garden waiting, the wife is hinting at re-decorating, there's a thousand and one other things that MUST be done, and all I can do is sit here and read all the postings. I really must spend more time away from this infernal machine.
But seriously, I spend about an hour in the mornings, another couple of hours later on, mostly on EMails, Photoshop, and general browsing. When you are retired like I am it's occupational therapy, keeps the grey matter fluid. Put me down for 4 hours per day.

  russmini 18:24 02 May 2005

Walk in from work, turn comp on, walk upstairs get out of that nasty shirt and tie ! put on something comfortable, come back down stairs ...

And thats where i will be for the rest of the night !!

Usually 5 ish hours per day, weekends probably more.

Usually.. here, e-bay, online banking, e-mails, rally sites, wedding stuff lately, word, excel and probably some more i can't remember.

Should get out more i think !!!

  Joe R 18:30 02 May 2005

Thanks all for the replies so far.

I thought I was the only one who spent more than a few hours per day, on the P.C.

Now! when is that missus of mines coming back in, so I can show her, I'm not the only one. :)

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