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  Kate B 22:54 27 Oct 2004

I'm just watching a preview tape of next Monday's Spooks and I'm rather irritated by a computing niggle in it: they all use iBooks and Powerbooks but the screen shows, as the chief spook is hacking into something, an XP dialogue box!

annoying or what? Look out for it if you watch the episode, about 13 minutes in ...

  VoG II 23:03 27 Oct 2004

On TV, internet pages seem to load incredibly fast.

One of my favourite moments on recent TV is on the Simpsons when the Comic guy is trying to download a pornographic image of Captain Janeway...

  Kate B 23:06 27 Oct 2004

yeah, and telly folk always manage to carry out quite amazing feats of hacking.

  Tim1964 23:06 27 Oct 2004

Another thing, where's all the wires spewing out of the back??

I know there's wireless, but really.....have you counted the number of cables coming out of your base unit?

  kev.Ifty 23:20 27 Oct 2004

My favourite is when they zoom into this grainy photograph, to reveal something in minute detail.

"THERE! It's him who committed the crime. He's wearing a Rolex watch, and whats that engraved on the front? F....E.. or something?"(sorry, could have been E 3 it was dark.)

As for Janeway, I've seen that pic. Pavel Chekov didn't seem that impressed. click here


  Forum Editor 00:58 28 Oct 2004

to work on computer displays for a TV program once. They wanted me to generate those silly screens that you see when someone is trying to break a password - a big red "ACCESS DENIED" and "LOADING" etc. I had to be present during filming in case something went wrong, and despite my telling them that no real computer ever displayed messages in that way they were insistent.

When I saw the drama programme (I forget what it was) I realised they had added beeps which sounded each time someone pressed a key.

Have you noticed how nobody on TV ever seems to use a mouse? The Police programmes always have once perso in the team who is the computer specialist, and at some point someone will say to him/her "Can you access the Corporation X system for us?" The specialist will say "Hmmm.....leave it with me" and then start furiously bashing the keys - no mouse in sight. I suppose it looks more dramatic that way, but nowadays with such a large chunk of the audience being computer -literate you would think they could aim for more reality.

  Kate B 01:30 28 Oct 2004

FE - what an excellent gig! the words "rope", "old", "money" and "for" spring to mind ...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:31 28 Oct 2004

Spooks isn't a documentary?


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:51 28 Oct 2004

in the jurassic park,when there is rain and it is flooding on a boat dock and hes on the phone hes saying something like "you gotta give me more time" and there is a camera where the person in the yellow coat is,you can clearly see it is a media player but it is pretending to be a cctv

  Sir Radfordin 12:08 28 Oct 2004

And another thing, have you noticed that the screens dont' seem to flicker in the same way they always do on a news broadcast that happens to have a PC in the background!?

I guess it wouldn't be quite as good to watch if they were using normal PCs and sticking to the rules.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:27 28 Oct 2004

click here click here for those interested in bloopers.


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