Computer Headlines!!!>

  Kase 19:39 26 Feb 2005

Imagine you are writing an article for a Computer Magazine and you need an eye catching headline.
Computer Bytes back, blue screen of death
Is Computer software a liability, read the
small print.
Are your pixels killing you or are some dead on
arrival, Flat screens

Perhaps if we are very good FE (front end person) will print and give a byeline in Pca!!?.

  stalion 20:27 26 Feb 2005

seeing as the F.E. writes articles his self he probably has a good idea for a heading.
here's mine. Don't feed the hand that bytes you.

  Old Shep 20:35 26 Feb 2005

Ram roast tommorrow night store it in your memory.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 22:55 26 Feb 2005

Eat 512 mega bytes of cookies

  Mysticnas 08:33 28 Feb 2005

but it's monday morning so i'm excused....

"PCA, putting the 'byte' back into computers"

  Forum Editor 19:16 28 Feb 2005

you must be joking, if there are any byelines going I'm having them myself.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:01 28 Feb 2005

If one is printed in PCA, and FE doesn't give a byeline, we should take away his silver deleting mouse.

  Kase 21:33 28 Feb 2005

Its that Sandra Bullock coming out in him again!!. Cyberspace and all that.
I thought if we got stuck he would point us in the right direction. I think a cold shower might be the answer, I am rather worried about taken his silver mouse away. We need some help from more forum members before this turns nasty he can have a strange Window on the world you know!!. Have you heard of the Cyborg factor?.

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