computer engineer in four weeks???

  lofty29 12:08 03 Feb 2008

Hi anyone seen tha latest "make your forune in pc's" ad on tv. Training company offering to make you a fully trained expert,AND find you a job all in four weeks. Why does anybody bother to go to colledge????

  €dstowe 12:20 03 Feb 2008

Well, colledge (sic) might help your spelling and grammar.

  rossgolf 12:24 03 Feb 2008

thats a bit harsh lol

  lofty29 12:24 03 Feb 2008

Well its good enough to get me an A level at McD's

  €dstowe 12:48 03 Feb 2008

On a more serious note, there are loads and loads of computer engineers/technicians/specialists/experts out there looking for jobs. When I had my studio in London there several people every week coming along asking if I had employment opportunities. Now that I'm out in the wilds of Sussex, I still get them although not so many.

Some of these prospective applicants had very good qualifications but, unfortunately, the work just isn't there. The market was saturated some years ago (about the same time as the dot com boom) and, apparently, has remained like that ever since - mainly with people who, in all good faith, believed the come-ons put out by companies such as the one to which you refer.

  Totally-braindead 16:03 03 Feb 2008

I know a few IT engineers ,who are all working at the moment but have had differculties finding work when their old job finished and have had to take whatever job they could get until something suitable appeared. Therefore it seems to me that there are not as many IT jobs out there as some companies seem to suggest.
Also the suggestion that you could be properly trained in four weeks is ridiculous and clearly impossible.

  Forum Editor 16:50 03 Feb 2008

is "a fully trained expert"?

I've never seen a qualification called "fully trained expert", and I'm not aware that one exists.

I could certainly teach someone how to build a computer from scratch in a lot less than a week, but that's not what's being referred to here. I could teach someone basic troubleshooting techniques in four weeks, but neither the term 'fully trained' or 'expert' would apply.

Good luck to anyone who can 'make a fortune in PCs' by completing one of these courses, though.

  Brumas 16:55 03 Feb 2008

When are you running your next course? ;o)

  STREETWORK 17:06 03 Feb 2008

This is the only breeding ground for experts (PCA)...

  oresome 17:09 03 Feb 2008

Contrast this with a TV & Radio course I undertook in the 1970's.

12 months full time tuition to gain intermediate level followed by 3 further years at night school 1 evening per week to gain the full qualification.

  WhiteTruckMan 17:18 03 Feb 2008

-also known as how to go wrong with confidence.

I think that for too long the route into IT has been seen as a miracle career move with employers queing up to throw money and perks at prospective employees. Many are finding to their cost that IT is a little like acting: yes, a lucky, talented (very) few can make an awful lot of money at it. But by far and away the biggest majority will simply slave away for a mediocre living at best.


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