Complaints to Ebay

  paddyjack 16:15 26 Feb 2006

My son has bought a piece of software from a person on Ebay 10 mins after he completed the transaction he got an email from Ebay saying that, that person had been removed.

When he received the product it was a cracked evaluation copy of the software.

He fired off an email to Ebay and they basically wipe their hands of the matter Papal not any different.

He has reckoned that he can say goodbye to his money, but he would like to know what else he could do.

I have told him ‘Caveat emptor’.

  g40 16:29 26 Feb 2006
  octal 16:41 26 Feb 2006

I hate to hear things like this, unfortunately it does happen, your lad has learnt a hard lesson.

I buy things on Ebay, but I've made one rule, I never purchase anything of a value above £20 - £30 and that is only after I've done a little investigation on the person doing the selling. That way if things go wrong I'm not loosing too much. If the value is higher than this I consider its worth buying new on the premise if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

I'm not sure if Trading Standards would be interested in knowing, after all a crime has been committed and your son is unwittingly implicated, so the Police as well?

  paddyjack 16:47 26 Feb 2006

Thanks for the advice so far, he is stewing on it at the moment and ready to seperate heads from bodies.

He is will consider his options when he cools down.

  spuds 17:45 26 Feb 2006

I have been in the boxing ring with both eBay and PayPal. Don't expect a straight forward answer from either of them.If the amount concerned is low value then take 'Caveat Emptor' as the only solution. If the amount concerned is fairly high, then you there are possibly two alternatives. Seek readdress from eBay and/or Paypal via their insurance protection. And contact the credit card company, if this was the way the item was paid for.

Then there are other alternatives: Make a claim via the small claims court, but do not expect eBay or PayPal to come to your aid (they will not).If the software is a pirate, then report the seller to the product manufacturer for copyright offences.

I would mention though, that eBay do not normally suspend membership, unless complaints or a dodgy deal is in the making. Suspension is not necessarily total, as the person can gain re-admission and carry on trading.Whilst the persons membership is 'on-hold', no feedback can be entered, but this is a good thing, as bad remarks can leave bad consequences for both parties.

  paddyjack 18:49 26 Feb 2006

thanks Spuds the cash amount is not great, paid by debit card. He is going to contact the software company and tell them the story.

Will see how it goes.

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