Complaints About Television

  morddwyd 10:21 12 Jan 2012

I've just realised that I'll have to make the most of my complaining skills (yes, I know, of which there are many!) this year, because next year I qualify for a free TV licence.

It would be churlish of me to complain about something which I get for nothing, wouldn't it?

On the other hand, perhaps I could stretch a point - if I'm that old perhaps I'm expected to be churlish!

  spuds 11:07 12 Jan 2012

Don't hold to much hope to the free issue. The governments of the day seem to change the goalposts far to often.

There's even talk that the retirement age is on the increase :O(

  Covergirl 12:36 12 Jan 2012

What do they do if your licence expires on the day before your birthday? Do you have to buy a new one then get a refund or have the adopted a sensible approach on this issue?

74 is the age you qualify for a free licence. It's a bit like the state pension - will you make it that far? Don't think I will LoL

I don't really want to hijack this thread, but if you're looking at it you might know who I could complain to - both BBC and ITV - as I'm sick of missing the end of programmes which I've recorded as they have overrun.

It's all too common unfortunately - we've got a digital HDD recorder with a built in clock, EPG etc but it doesn't take account of late/early starts and finishes.


  Picklefactory 13:05 12 Jan 2012


You sure your system can't do it? I say that in so far as my Virgin cable box has manual settings where I can decide a pre and post under/over run on recordings and so does my Humax freeview box. I'm sure it may not be on all systems, but just thought I'd mention it just in case you weren't aware.

Sorry Morddwyd, tried to pm Covergirl to avoid hijacking, but for some reason the pm link doesn't work on my browser (Or at all???)

  Woolwell 13:39 12 Jan 2012

Picklefactory - it was removed in the "upgrade".

  Covergirl 14:34 12 Jan 2012

Yes, I can set a manual time except when the next recording clashes e.g. Edwin Drood then Benidorm on +1.

It'd be nice if they just started & ended when billed.

  interzone55 15:28 12 Jan 2012


Which recorder have you got?

I've got a Humax and for BBC programs it starts to exactly on time, as in as soon as the program titles kick in, but it finishes just as the next program starts.

For ITV I usually get a bit of the adverts before the program starts.

Channel 5 and the freeview channels are a bit vague, but I only remember once missing the end of a show because of an over run...

  morddwyd 15:39 12 Jan 2012

Don't worry about thread creep, it's only a fun thread anyway.

I'm very interested in Covergirl's suggestion that 74 is the age at which you qualify.

If that's true I get my free one tomorrow not next year!

  BRYNIT 16:06 12 Jan 2012

Sorry morddwyd you will have to wait a little longer Click here

  TopCat® 17:22 12 Jan 2012

I think we ought to complain to Ofcom before the new 12 minute rule on adverts become the norm. Not much time left to 'make our case! TC.

Full details here

  TopCat® 17:25 12 Jan 2012

Sorry, a bad link - try this: here

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