Kase 16:03 09 Nov 2004

I have been entering competitions on line,(just for fun you know,not to win,being English its the taking part that counts,not winning)various Computer Magazines and am beginning to think the odds of a person winning must be a bit like the National lottery. Does anyone know how many people enter these Competitions and what the Odds are to win a price?

  Taran 16:25 09 Nov 2004

The odds will obviously vary depending on how many enter each competition.

I won a scanner once, a couple of years ago. In fact, I still own and use it, and I know someone who won a laptop and another who won a desktop PC.

Like they say, if you're not in it, you won't win it.

  Kase 17:14 09 Nov 2004

Thanks for the reply Taran. I wonder if Regions come in to play, like X percent of people living in such an area win more prices than the people living in the next Town down the road?.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:44 09 Nov 2004

A few years ago there was a Kellogs competition to win a house. To enter you needed to collect 24 tokens from packs of their cereals. They had 17 entries throughout the UK. There was also an ELF fuel comp. and one had to collect a number of tokens to enter. There were 24 prizes, all quite expensive, with top prize of a car and cheapest a video player (£300 at that time). There were 22 entries in total. Regions have nothing to do with the chances of winning as the draws are usually random and therefore cannot be specific. The only thing that can be categorically stated about competitions is that if you do not enter you will not win anything.


  Forum Editor 18:08 09 Nov 2004

won a top-of-the-range BMW car in a competition a couple of years ago. She had forgotten about entering, and needless to say there was a fair degree of excitement in the house when she got the call with the good news.

Her car was due for renewal at the time, so I was highly delighted.

  Taran 18:10 09 Nov 2004

The whole point to any competition is the random factor.

In fact, there are laws governing the offering of prizes and how competitions are run. All such things are open to the potential of a degree of misuse and abuse but, in the main, competitions are pretty well run and those offered in the mainstream IT press are certainly all above board.

It doesn't matter where you live or how many people from your area enter, you either win or you don't, and whether you do or not depends on your details being selected from the entire list of entries.

  Ewa 21:57 09 Nov 2004

where is your info from?

  spuds 00:21 10 Nov 2004

When I collect my lotto tickets on Wednesday and Saturday, the ticket machine laughs--I wonder why!.

There was an article in a daily newspaper recently, and it stated that if you had entered the lottery from day one to the present time, it would have been far better to have put the money into premium bonds, as statics wise it would have been the better investment.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:37 10 Nov 2004

'Gandalf, where is your info from?' was in the eighties and I was working with Kellogg's and Elf's PR company, Anderson Ruffle, at the time. IIRC the house was valued at £40k (definitely early 80's then) and was a new 4 bed detached. The reason for the lack of entrants was that people would collect the first 10 or so tokens and then their enthusiasm would wane especially as they could only guzzle one pack a week. Same with the petrol comp, it was the number of tokens to be collected that put people off. You will notice that collecting large numbers of tokens these days are the prerogative of daily rags not something that one buys on w weekly or less basis.

Rather interestingly I entered a Whitbread competition, again in the 80's, where you had to collect stickers for each pint drunk. When you accumulated 50 or so you could send the card off and be entered for a share of £20k. There were only 22 entries ;-))


  Sapins 08:59 10 Nov 2004

My wife and I have held premium bonds for 45 years and not won a single prize :-(

  spuds 10:02 10 Nov 2004

Sapins-- Similar experience.I belonged to a syndicate when premium bonds first started. When we had each accumulated £100 worth each, the syndicate disbanded.I still have the original bonds and haven't won a bean.Four leaf clover,end of the rainbow and rabbits foot-humbug.

But I did win a shaving kit once which I gave away, due to the fact that I have a beard :o((

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