Compentency based interview with the DWP

  Nasreen 08:39 02 Aug 2009

Hello, this is my first visit to the forum and would really appreciate some advise. C an anyone tell me if they know any of the questions which are asked in the Compentency based interview for the DWP. I have just recently been make redundant after 23 years and have not been for an interview for ages. I am really nervous and really would like some advise.

  rdave13 09:26 02 Aug 2009

Found this, hope it helps a bit; click here

  Forum Editor 09:45 02 Aug 2009

This a system of analysing and solving problems in the working environment.

You might be asked to describe a situation in which you had to work with other members of a team to resolve a problem, and the way they'll expect you to answer is using STAR.

S What was the SITUATION you faced?

T What TASK did you have to do?

A What ACTION did you take?

R What was the RESULT of your action, and what did you learn from the experience?

Otherwise you'll probably be asked to select answers to questions from a list - spotting which words are spelled incorrectly. One favourite is to give you a letter sent to a company by a customer. It contains grammatical and spelling errors, and you are asked to circle as many as you can find.

There'll be a numeracy test, but most people find it fairly straightforward - you'll be allowed to use a calculator I think, so take one.

Good luck.

  donki 11:04 03 Aug 2009

I work in the DWP and I can confirm that FE is right, and they will be asking you for examples that fit certain compentencys. You should know what these compentencys are for example services, information & comunication, teamwork, resources etc. There are usually 5 compentencys and you should ideally have 2 examples for each.

The star method FE points out is exactly what they are looking for and as long as you set each example out in the STAR fashion you should tick all their boxes. Be prepared for questions at the end of each example such as "did you encounter any problems", "what would you have done differently" things like that.

Let them guide you through the interview and dont be put off by them asking the same question twice, this is just the way it goes sometimes as the interviewers have a defined list of questions to work from. Remember that they are there to help you not to mark you down, most ofthe time they are as nervous as you are. Good luck and welcome to the forum :).

  dia1943 14:08 03 Aug 2009

donki, I hope you don't have to do the test again because competencys should be competencies!

  donki 14:34 03 Aug 2009

Apologies, I know I am a dreadful speller, a product of the spell check generation.

  Nasreen 21:59 04 Aug 2009

Thank you all so much for your replies and support. Donki can I please ask that will the Compentency questions be based on the test that I did on the application or the 4 which were given to me when I was given my interview date. The four given were Delivering a Professional Service, Delivering a Customer Service, Analysing, improving and changing and lastly Buidling Capability?
Can I just ask you for some advise, for example Delivering a Professional Service can I say that the way I gave professional service is by ensuring daily tasks are completed within the team and that all company service goals were met. The service goals consist of answering calls within 15 seconds, reply to emails within 24 hours and having full knowledge of all local events and promotions or do I have to give an example that if a member called to make a booking for a flight should I tell them a step by step way of how I make the booking.

  donki 00:05 05 Aug 2009

You need a specific example, on the recent board I did and every other interview I have had within the civil service I have always been asked to give a specific example for each criteria. Basically laying out your example and then following it through it the conclusion. Dont give a general brief of your past experience, try and focus on a specific occasion where you delivered a professional service. Hope that helps, remmeber be prepared for follow up questions, they will ask these to fill out the duration of the interview. If there is anything else let me know.

  Nasreen 22:50 05 Aug 2009

Evening Donki, you have been extemely helpful and thank you for replying. Can I please just run through an example. Just for your info I worked for an Airline in their Marketing & Sales and mainly the frequent flyer programme so if the interviewer asked when have I used analysing and using evidence

Analysing and using evidence would be example of when members would contact me if points were missing from their frequent flyer account for recent travel. I would first establish what flight information they had. If it was a SAS operated flight I would check our Passenger History database to confirm that the passenger had definitely travelled and credit the members account immediately and advise the member that I would also forward a confirmation that the points had been credited and will appear on their next statement and would forward an email to confirm that it had been done. If it was for any other Airline who participated in the programme I would request a copy of their ticket and the original of their boarding passes sent to me. Once I had received the documents requested I would ensure that I credited the account accordingly and sent member an email of confirmation.

Can I also ask Donki do you suggest that I have a couple of examples for each compentency.

  Snec 02:45 06 Aug 2009

If I may be so bold.... try not to be over anxious about this. From the way you express yourself here I'm sure you will have no problem with this at all.

After 23 years of solid employment I fully understand how you must be feeling but relax, you'll walk it!

  donki 10:58 06 Aug 2009

In my opinion you are being to general in your example, you need a specific example. One thing you are doing well is stating "I" even if in your example there was other people involved, be selfish and take the cedit and say "I".

I would definitely have more than one example for each compentency, as you could be asked for an other example. They usually do this to fill out the interview of if they feel the example you gave wasn't great. Remember the interviewers are there to help you and guide you through the interview so take notice of the questions they are asking, dont be afraid to ask if you dont understand the question.

When is your interview if you dont mind me asking?

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