Compare and Contrast

  shellship 23:05 10 Sep 2011

Just finished watching all of the Last Night of the Proms. Admittedly I am biased having tried to watch it for more years than I can admit but there there were 10,000 or so in the Albert Hall, hundreds of thousands in Hyde Park, many in Northern Ireland and Scotland and would have been lots in Wales had the weather not intervened. Nary a policeman in sight and no signs of bad behaviour - apart from bonhomie. Compare with the Tottenham riots and the Notting Hill Carnival where massive police representation was necessary. What has gone wrong?

  shellship 23:07 10 Sep 2011

How did I manage to post twice. Sorry.

  lotvic 23:42 10 Sep 2011

Obviously it is such a good thread subject it is worth saying twice :)

I noticed the contrast in crowd behaviour - bonhomie

  Forum Editor 23:57 10 Sep 2011

I don't see what the relevance is - why should the fact that an audience for a classical music concert is well-behaved and rioters aren't mean that something has gone wrong?

Riots have occurred throughout British history, and presumably classical musical audiences have always been more or less well-behaved. Does that mean that something has always been wrong with society?

It's quite possible that some of the people in the Albert Hall had at some point in their lives committed a criminal act, and it's equally possible that some of the rioters were peaceful members of the same audience, in one or another of the venues.

You're making a judgement - that contrasting the behaviour of groups of people can justify drawing a conclusion, but it's not the case. The rioters acted wrongly, and the music audience didn't. That's it, that's all there is to it.

  Crosstrainer2 04:56 11 Sep 2011

Perhaps a better comparison is Rugby V Football. The tragic event that occurred in London last week when Cardiff City fan was murdered (allegedly by Swansea fans) when all the Welsh support was supposed to be for the national team boggles the mind.

I'm not a football fan, but have always wondered about the way in which fans seem to hate each other simply because they support a different team.

I was a member of Cardiff Blues (Rugby) for over 20 years, and all we ever had was good natured banter and a drink in the club after the match,

I still bump into fans from all Welsh clubs Llanlli, Swansea, Newport etc. they are all friendly and happy to greet a fellow fan.

You can take your family to a match and be assured that you will not have a brick thrown at you or suffer any verbal abuse simply because you are wearing the "Wrong" shirt.

  simonjary 07:32 12 Sep 2011

Might have been all different if the police had shot dead a violinist a day before...

  Quickbeam 07:41 12 Sep 2011

SJ, that the sort of irresponsible quip that I get castigated for regularly:)

  Quickbeam 07:46 12 Sep 2011

The problem with football rivalry lies in the historic segregation of supporters at football matches that encourage rival chanting and taunting that gets out of control.

Rugby and cricket don't have this problem as you all sit mixed up. I reckon that being able to see the whites of the eyes of the opposition supporters has a calming influence on the crowd.

  sunnystaines 09:32 12 Sep 2011

low life's are not into classical music, had it been low life music concert might well have been a lot more police

  morddwyd 09:46 12 Sep 2011

"low life's are not into classical music"

You've obviously not met many Promenaders!

  DM. 10:34 12 Sep 2011


low life's are not into classical music

Bankers, expense fiddling MP's etc?


Not really funny.

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