communication overkill?

  jack 14:38 15 Oct 2007

With the poor old NHS getting it in the neck for for over administration and lack of common sense in many of it activities- how is this for an example?

About three weeks ago I received a letter in a large A5 ennvelope pre-paid -NHS MAIL-
This was a missive from a centre in Bristol advising me that as I am eligible for the flu jab to visit my surgery to make an appointment.
Fair enough,.
I visited surgery on another matter asked to make an appointment - to be told 'The letters have not gone out yet- do it when you get the letter'
Head Scratch- So I mentioned the letter I had - the receptionist did react at all.
I next called in last Thursday to collect a prescription - asked once more and was made an appointment for a November Saturday.

This morning in the post a letter from the surgery inviting me to make an appointment - and also informing me I would be advised two more times.
Each letter from the surgery is franked 22p
So that's 66p spent on advising me to do what a mass mailing has already advised me to do and what I has already done.
Multiply that bye the number of eligible patients if you will.

  DrScott 14:40 15 Oct 2007

this doesn't surprise me *sigh*

  laurie53 20:16 15 Oct 2007

Exact opposite - surgery had an "open day" last week for flu jabs.

Today had a letter, from the local NHS trust, inviting me to register. I know there's been a postal strike, even so, I think they'd still have been too late.

Incidentally, our surgery always works the "open day" system for flu jabs. Just walk in, 10.00 am - 7.00 pm. Works like a charm, even at the busiest time never more than five minutes, this year about three, including registration.

  spuds 20:31 15 Oct 2007

Contacting my surgery on Friday, booked in for the following Monday, had the jab. Another happy customer. I notice Boots the Chemist is offering flu jabs for £15.00 in the newspapers the other day.

Going on mailing errors and incidents. I had a letter the other day from the Department of Works and Pensions, informing me that my bank details had changed, and that they had made the necessary adjustments. Finding this hard to believe, I contact the DWP informing them that nothing had changed. Their reply " Oh, ignore the letter, its just a computer generated document". I think that says it all!.

  Bingalau 09:47 16 Oct 2007

We have a whole week in our area designated for flu jabs. We have times arranged by alphabetical order. All we have to do is get to the Gild Hall in Formby and it's over in about two minutes. groups of nurses from all the local doctors' surgeries are there to take your details and point you to a station where the jab is administered. You then proceed through to the main hall where you can have free coffee and a banana or some other type of fruit. Have a talk with crime prevention officers or the local fire bobbies etc. All very well organised and been happening for a few years now. It is available for a week and in that time manages to get through most of the elderly population in the area. Those who can't make the times can arrange with their local doctor to have it done by appointment in their own surgery.

  jack 10:25 16 Oct 2007

As a close this morning I had a diabetic check appointment - At reception I was asked - would you like your flu jab now there is a slot in five minutes.
In event I declined ,as I have a cold at the moment.

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