Commonwealth Games

  Bingalau 18:00 04 Oct 2010

There seems to be a dearth of spectators at the games, maybe for safety reasons. Maybe the hard time they had getting in to the opening ceremony has put them all off going at all.

  Forum Editor 18:08 04 Oct 2010

there's just a distinct lack of interest in the games in general.

  DippyGirl 18:31 04 Oct 2010

Agree with FE - at lunchtime even the Hockey (which - certainly the Men's - always used to be a big sport in India) looked to be very poorly supported

Games seem to be jinxed click here or "the media" are looking to report anything and everything that is going wrong - maybe that is right, maybe it's wrong I will reserve judgement on the reporting (hoping the good bits get as much coverage as the bad)

I actually think that India could have spent the money better ... but that has probably been done already. As it is happening I hope everyone (competitors, spectators - local and remote ) have a great time

  Forum Editor 18:42 04 Oct 2010

that the Helium-filled 'Aerostat' which floats over the stadium cost £5.5 million.

I bet that goes down a treat with the slum dogs who haven't even got a decent tin roof floating over their heads.

The world of international sporting events has gone completely mad, and nobody seems capable of saying 'Stop!'

  morddwyd 20:14 04 Oct 2010

"There seems to be a dearth of spectators at the games, "

And in our house!

  sunnystaines 20:23 04 Oct 2010

what a waste of Helium which is a limited resource and the world supply could be gone within 25 years

  wiz-king 21:36 04 Oct 2010

I seem to remember the Chinese having the same problem at the start of the Olympics.

All of these "games" are rapidly becoming pointless. They are never staged within the original budget (does anyone think that the London Games will be?) and the results are usually chemically enhanced (anyone competing on his/her physical condition without chemical stimuli are on a hiding to nothing).

  Legolas 09:00 05 Oct 2010

Are you suggesting that the 'unbiased' BBC is being 'biased' towards all things english, I am outraged

  morddwyd 09:04 05 Oct 2010

This is just another example of our poor education system.

The BBC fully believe that "Britain" ends at Watford!

  sunnystaines 12:43 05 Oct 2010

is there a need for a commonwealth games when there is already the olympics and world games.

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