common courtesy from bus drivers ???

  finerty 18:13 18 Jan 2011

Whats happened to common courtesy from bus drivers these days, they don't give way, they block roads, they don't give way to people crossing the roads.......

all these bus drivers have no manners, sticking the index finger at other motorists and pedestrians.

They doing this a lot in Harrow town centre even at the bus terminal next to the Harrow on the Hill station, some even scream there heads off.

  peter99co 18:44 18 Jan 2011

If you had a car full of 50 passengers who need to get to work on time you wouldn't give way either. Just keep out of the way and they won't bother you.

  Toneman 18:53 18 Jan 2011

It is my practice, as a retired car driver, to give way to buses and taxis for whom time is money...perhaps having an automatic 206 helps...common courtesy costs me nothing...

  finerty 19:39 18 Jan 2011

i give way to them quite often once in a while i would expect them to give way instead of blocking lanes, or getting irate over other vehicle drivers

  tullie 19:48 18 Jan 2011

I think maybe youve just had a bad day

  peter99co 19:54 18 Jan 2011

You don't take it in turns with bus drivers.
1 car = 1 driver / 1 bus = 50+ passengers.

Give it a rest!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:02 18 Jan 2011

If its bigger than me I give way


  Macscouse 22:16 18 Jan 2011

German traffic law states that once a bus has its indicators on to pull out, after the third passing vehicle, the bus driver has right of way. I was driving buses in Berlin in 1974 when the law was introduced, the best traffic law ever passed. (once the public became used to it.)

  Forum Editor 22:50 18 Jan 2011

My experience of bus drivers is really limited to London, where I live and do a lot of driving, and I'm afraid to say that there has been a noticeable increase in what can best be described as aggressive driving on the part of many bus drivers.

I have seen bus drivers virtually forcing cars out of the way in their haste to change lanes, or pull out from stops, and I've twice seen bus drivers leave their cabs to harangue motorists who have upset them. This kind of behaviour seems mainly to come from the drivers of single deck buses, who seem to believe they're just driving a bigger car.

Public service vehicles have their own lanes, and can often turn at lights when cars cannot. I know driving a bus isn't easy or relaxing, and I know that lots of people rely on an efficient bus service to get to and from work. All that is perfectly understandable, but other road users have as much right to be there as a bus, and other road users also have timetables to manage.

  jakimo 23:19 18 Jan 2011

'whats happened to common courtesy from bus drivers these days'
Their no worse that taxi drivers, looking like the guy from 'Shameless' and usually arriving ten minutes late,he will sit in the comfort of the taxi and blow the horn to let you know he has arrived, then watch you struggle with your heavy suitcase or shopping,which you then place on the back seat.
During the journey you have to listen to some obnoxious music, on arriving at your destination you will have to get your luggage from the back seat yourself,and he will still expect a tip

  lotvic 00:17 19 Jan 2011

It's still better than having to walk...

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