Commodore 64

  kiddgame2000 12:18 17 Aug 2006

Did anybody in here ever have a commodore 64, if so do you remember a wonderful wonderful game called super pipeline. I was just sitting at work a few minutes ago when it came into my head and i have just decided i have to play that game again.

Does anyone know anyway i could get it on my pc, i realise its a long shot but is there anywhere you can download old C64 games.


  kiddgame2000 12:22 17 Aug 2006

Never mind i just found it at

click here

  pickle factory 18:39 17 Aug 2006

I do remember trying to play the Hobbit on my mates 64. God, it was painful. We'd type a requested action, say 'Gandalf hit dwarf' and would invariably get a response something like 'Gandalf cannot hit dwarf, Gandalf cleaves your skull'. At which point you'd need to restart the level and wait another 30mins for the damned thing to load from the cassette. Good ole' days?????

  Forum Editor 18:48 17 Aug 2006

are of a game which involved searching for something and trying to avoid being bitten by things called 'Chiggers'.

One of the most frequently-seen messages was one about 'incorrect syntax' as I recall.

  SG Atlantis® 20:40 17 Aug 2006

I loved paperboy on my C64, all you did was steer a paperboy on a bike through mad busy streets and assualt courses delivery newspapers every day.

Spent hours and hours on it.

  jimv7 20:51 17 Aug 2006

I never did finish Manic Miner.

  wolfie3000 23:35 17 Aug 2006

I had a C64, But for the life of me i cant think of any games i had on it.

I think i did more programming than gaming on it,
Ahhh how times have changed lol.

  kiddgame2000 09:07 18 Aug 2006

I found a site with the super pipeline theme music on it last nite and it is now the ring tone on my mobile phone.

The best part was where i was playing the music on my computer and my sister came walking past heard it and said "What sort of tune is that you are listening to" and about 2 seconds later she shouted with such excitement as it dawned on her "Is that the pipeline music". She has'nt played a computer game in about 10 years in fact i think pipeline might have been the last game she played and still after all this time she recognised it.

Talk about nostalgia.

  jimv7 09:12 18 Aug 2006
  silverous 12:01 18 Aug 2006

My friend had a C64...I had a vic 20. My favourite C64 game was a promotional one to accompany the launch of KP Skips....something to do with a guy called Colin on his bike and you had to ride round a fairground.

  egapup 13:03 18 Aug 2006

The C64 was rubbish, couldn't beat the speccy.

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