Collector's Item laptop

  Woolwell 14:46 12 Nov 2009

Our local paper carried an ad for a Toshiba Laptop Windows 3.1 with 8Mb of RAM. It comes with Word - I wonder which version?
All for £10.
Museum piece or collector's item?

  Quickbeam 15:00 12 Nov 2009

or trash can item...

  Seth Haniel 15:15 12 Nov 2009

probably a bargain for someone - - more powerfull RAM wise than most my early pc's which I managed to get over thirty quartely magazines published on. Think people have short memories - I still use same programs to do same tasks but on an XPSP3 and 3.8Ghz processor now.

  Woolwell 15:24 12 Nov 2009

Getting a printer could be difficult.

  Seth Haniel 16:11 12 Nov 2009

I use an old IBM thinkpad with 3.1 on - it has infrared (which a lot of laptops have) which I can print via my desktop PC to the printer attached there

  BT 17:53 12 Nov 2009

We've still got one of those, and it still works. I've had the power supply apart a few times to do minor repairs, but apart from that it still runs WordPerfect (DOS edition) - one of the better word processors.

Printer? We've still got an Epson 9 pin Dot Matrix that works with it.

  Woolwell 18:55 12 Nov 2009

It's a good recommendation for Toshiba that it's still around. Wonder how much it cost new.

  interzone55 20:47 12 Nov 2009

We've got a laptop of this vintage at work, it's used for two purposes.

a) To prove to people that just about anything can be used to pull a feed from an IP camera, although the image is somewhat blocky on the CGA screen.

b) Not many laptops have serial connectors anymore, and they're necessary to get feeds from many fire & intruder alarm panels via Hyperterminal. You can get USB to RS232 convertors, but they don't work on all panels, but our antique Toshiba works flawlessly, and boots faster than my Vista laptop...

  BT 08:43 13 Nov 2009

My son bought it second hand when he worked at Staples and he used it for ages before he passed it on to my wife who used it for a long time before getting a Windows based Lappy.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:24 13 Nov 2009

Still running a couple of cica 1988 laptops (they are bigger than my current destop) at work for use on 20 year old locomotives,

Will have to keep the laptops working for the life of the locomotives, that will be a harder task than keeping the locos in running order, some of our locomotives are currently getting a new lease of life after 50+ years service.

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