A colleague who has a Degree in Engineering

  belfman 20:18 03 Apr 2008

Called me with problems with his internet set up.

Compuer has USB ports but no Ethernet.
Modem has Ethernet ports and type B usb port (he didn't know what this was).

Goes out and spends £50 on a router because he couldn't figure out how to connect modem to Computer.

I spent 15 minutes on the phone with him because the router only had ethernet connections and no usb... trying to drag out the information.

I asked what about the modem? It only has ethernet. Are you sure? We'll it has a port that's flat at the bottom and sort of pointed at the top.

My next question was Do you have a printer? Reply was "Yes"... well take the cable out of it and connect it between the modem and computer, running your install cd.

I'm still waiting on a text message to let me know if it worked.

  [email protected] 20:51 03 Apr 2008

To be fair having a degree in engineering doesn't mean you should know what USB sockets look like. The one on the back of his modem looks totally different to the one on the back the PC unlike most cable connections on electronic appliances

  interzone55 20:55 03 Apr 2008

Having a PC without an ethernet connection is quite a feat, I can't remember the last time I saw a PC without a network port (except the Macbook Air, Apple seem to think that one USB port and no wired ethernet connection is more than enough).

  belfman 21:02 03 Apr 2008

Got a text back from him.

" Couldn't find disk to install internet so put a CD in to listen to some music. Then I noticed iTunes had updated the album information, so it was connected to the internet already. Now online thanks for your help. See you in work tomorrow "

I replied with:

" No problem and remember instore are selling the cables for 99p where as PCworld charge £15 "

All's well then. Just wondering what will happen to the router he doesn't need.

  octal 21:13 03 Apr 2008

That's not unusual, an old friend of mine who has a Phd in electronic engineering phoned me up one day and asked me if I could etch a printed circuit for him, because he didn't have the skills to design and etch a board. This was back in the days when CAD design on computers where not common place like they are these days. His academic qualifications were impeccable, but he had no practical skills at all and couldn't visualise how the components would be linked on the PCB.

  laurie53 09:40 04 Apr 2008

Remember, people with engineering degrees designed that bridge in London which had to shut for modification some years ago because it was shaking itself to death!

  Simsy 11:03 04 Apr 2008

the bridge wasn't, "shaking itself to death"... it was doing what it was suppossed to, by being "compliant"...

But folk didn't like it, and didn't feel comfortable/safe. (So on those grounds alone it was a design failure, if not an engineering one).

So it was "stiffened", making it more acceptable to the masses, but in absolute terms, not as structually "sound", as it's more "brittle" and likely to suffer with stress injuries in time.

Or so I'm led to believe!



  Jim Thing 12:13 04 Apr 2008

"...His academic qualifications were impeccable, but he had no practical skills at all..."

Years ago, my job required me occasionally to interview potential technical authors to be trained to write technician-level manuals for the avionics industry.

The most promising candidates were invariably ex-NCOs from technical branches of the armed services. Most graduate candidates had decent technical qualifications, as you said, but weren't too sure which end of a screwdriver you're supposed to pick it up by (I'm exaggerating but not much).

In the five or six years that I did that job I only found one new graduate who was suitable.
He had completed most of an apprenticeship before going to university.

  anchor 13:13 04 Apr 2008

My cousin has a degree in Civil Engineering and has`nt a clue about computers.

Why should he?.

  DippyGirl 13:39 04 Apr 2008

Some people just should be allowed to have access to technology :o)

...and remember The Ark was built by an amateur, The Titanic by professionals


  DippyGirl 13:40 04 Apr 2008

PS - and some people cant type , I will sit and await the grief D-oh!

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