Cold Calling

  morddwyd 14:49 28 Jul 2010

I suppose this could be in Consumerwatch, but I'm not really seeking advice, just discussion.

Late yesterday afternoon I became aware that someone was banging on the front door, though the bell was turned off.

As I was upstairs I went to the window and was told by the caller that “the system” had flagged up a problem with our electricity supply.

I made my way downstairs, with difficulty, and went to the door to be told by the caller that they were from Scottish Hydro-Electric and their system had flagged our house up as having a problem.

When I asked what it was I was told that I was paying too much for my energy.

Immediately realising this was a thinly disguised attempt to get me to change suppliers I told the person to go away and closed the door.

We have a notice on the door saying we are disabled and would take some time to get to the door, and there is a wheelchair parked in clear view immediately inside the door.

I thought this sort of thing had been stopped, and I am appalled that cold calling on vulnerable people with this sort of scaremongering approach is still going on, in blatant disregard of all accepted codes of practice.

Obviously I've made a complaint, but if they don't take any notice of all the adverse comment and publicity there has already been I doubt that my lone voice in the wilderness will have much effect.

  michaelw 14:58 28 Jul 2010

Yep, these parasites are doing the rounds again. I have a large notice on my front door saying 'No door to door selling, thank you', but I still have to politely tell sellers to bugger off.

  johndrew 16:34 28 Jul 2010

This phrase that " you are paying too much for .." appears to be the latest ploy. I have had TalkTalk telling me I am paying too much for my `phone, a sales person telling me the same for gas and another for electricity.

I vaguely remember something in the press (quite a while back) about the Government considering making cold calling an offence. Am I wrong or is it another good idea that has slipped quietly into history as a result of lobbying by big business?

  interzone55 16:50 28 Jul 2010

This is why I live somewhere with a very tall locked gate, cold callers and junk mail posters can't get to the front doors. Even the postie can't be bothered unlocking the gate if there's only junk in his bag...

  BT 16:50 28 Jul 2010

I too have a notice on my door but they still ignore it.

They will often ask to see a recent bill. DON'T show them one. They need to see it to get your meter and account numbers and even if you don't sign up with them it means they get their commission. I usually point this out to them and refuse. Ask for a phone number where you can contact their boss to complain. They then usually beat a rapid retreat.

  Armchair 16:57 28 Jul 2010

No-one in this household will do any business with cold callers, whether it be in person or over the phone, apart from one exception. The exception was the bloke from Ringtons, who initially called when there was no-one home, but posted some tea bags and biscuits anyway. Don't mind doing business with them.

  Uboat 17:27 28 Jul 2010

Ive got my wife! BEST deterant in the world! she's like a bulldog with them & slams the door in there face whereas me i'l chat all day...god bless her..

  sunnystaines 17:56 28 Jul 2010

I would think twice about advertising the fact you are disabled.

As a lot of artifice burglary criminals look for signs of old or disabled people to target,

[tricks my ball or puppy has just ran in your garden, you have a broken tile, stories about needing to check gas/water etc] in a lot of cases they have a gypsy accent].

  ams4127 19:54 28 Jul 2010

I find that appearing at the door with my big German Shepherd beside me is a great dissuader.

  john bunyan 22:12 28 Jul 2010

In the old days, a chamber pot was emptied out of the upstairs window. Now, I am not suggesting an accidental disposal of such a kind but it would have served this person right had such an accident happened ...

  al's left peg 23:03 28 Jul 2010

I have a notice in a window next to the door stating "no canvassers". When they knock, I open the door, point at the sign and close the door. It works fine.

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