Cold Calling 2

  Bandy 16:13 25 Oct 2006

I couldn't add to the cold calling thread, hence this one

The forum editor is correct with some call centres, they are just people doing their job.

However I would add that a number do not.

At my office we frequently receive calls for our directors who are not always present on site.

With a number of these callers a polite comment to the effect that the directors are not available at that moment has the effect of causing the caller to slam down the phone before I can finish the sentence ie- is there anyone else who can help you.

Those are not just people doing their job - they are people wasting my time, and being very rude in the process.

Unfortunately I cannot do the same to them, although I would dearly love to.

  v1asco 15:45 26 Oct 2006

I also endorse what the FE says.

However, when I continually receive calls from the same Company month after month after repeatedly telling them not to call I cannot accept it as just someone doing their job. This is despite being with the TPS and ex-directory.

It is at the very least an irritation as well as wasting my time.

I cured one famous double glazing firm by asking for a quote for the whole house, windows, doors, gutters, barge boards, garage door and anything else I could think of. The Rep got very excited over this and even arranged for the Manager to call at 9 am the following day.

That was when I told him to make sure the Manager has a flask and sandwiches with him because it will take all day, and when he has finished I will buy nothing but have the satisfaction of wasting his time for a change.

This not so extreme as the the Murder example, which is way over the top.

It did stop the calls.

At present I get calls to all my phones on the 3 network from someone saying he is from 3 and have i had an upgrade yet. This is on contracts that are new! They are not from 3 (I have reported the matter to 3), their manner is offensive and they will divulge no information about themselves to me unless they get further details from me. They do not even know my name.

So there are bad apples out there and alas saying no or hanging up does not alter the fact that I do not want and will not buy anything from cold calls and consider them an invasion of my privacy.

  egapup 18:55 26 Oct 2006

I think the original posting was meant as a joke, dont know why you lot couldnt see it that way.

  Bandy 09:11 27 Oct 2006

Sorry I haven't responded earlier - I had a couple of hard drives die

I appreciate that the original thread was a joke. However I was reponding to the last response within that thread, which I didn't take as a joke.

I didn't want to make a big thing of it, but merely to say that I disagreed with a comment.

  v1asco 09:23 27 Oct 2006

also appreciates the original thread was a joke and found it amusing. This does not mean I have no sympathy for the victim.

My intention was to demonstrate how some cold callers (or their employers) rattle my cage. If a polite no does not work then I will wind them up but not to such an extent as the original thread.

After all, they are the ones that want to carry on talking.

  dogbreath1 09:16 30 Oct 2006

Cold calling is not so much a problem as a pain.

In the office, we have a filtering brief. Nothing goes 'upstairs' unless it is either solicited or familiar.

Simple as that.

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