Cold Callers

  Curio 14:23 17 Nov 2008

When I transferred to Virgin from BT I lost (gratefully) all the Window/Kitchen Tele Sales calls. Slowly over, however they are creeping back. Found this in my Sunday Paper.
click here
Should banish them once again - and it's free!!
Passed out for anyone else suffering the same problem.

  MAJ 14:52 17 Nov 2008

Yes TPS is pretty good, have used it for years. There's also the Mail Preference Service if you suffer from a lot of junk mail. click here

  Stuartli 15:45 17 Nov 2008

Just as with MAJ, I and a very great number of other people have used TPS for many years.

It won't, of course, stop those annoying cold calls or strident "Congratulations!" messages originating from abroad.

I even had a letter from one of my banks the other day, asking if it could ignore the fact that I'm registered with TPS; this was so that it could "..inform me of any valuable financial services it would be able to provide" if I agreed.

I just tore the letter up....:-)

  johndrew 16:24 17 Nov 2008

I would also like a `preference service` that stopped various telephone, electric, double glazing and other suppliers knocking on the front door at all hours (up to 8pm sometimes).

Must admit the TPS and MPS is good as is the Fax version click here for anyone who suffers that pain as well.

  spuds 16:24 17 Nov 2008

When I saw 'Cold Callers', I thought about doorstep sellers and the way they seem to ignore prominent 'do not want' door signs. Three weeks ago we had a No Cold Call zone set-up in the area by the police and council. So far!!!.

  BT 16:54 17 Nov 2008

I too had trouble with my bank ignoring the TPS, they insisted they weren't trying to sell me anything just wanting to discuss whether I was getting the best from my account, presumably trying to get me to upgrade to one of those accounts where you have to pay a monthly fee. Had much correspondence with the Customer services who agreed to put a marker on my file saying not to call. The next time someone called I told them about the marker, but he said he couldn't see it unless I gave him permission to access my details!


I have a No Cold Callers sign. The erk who rang the bell on Saturday insisted that it didn't apply to himm as he wasn't SELLING anything just giving quotes for home improvements. I thought the idea of a quote was to try to sell you something!

  Stuartli 18:53 17 Nov 2008

The bank concerned didn't ignore the TPS element - it just made an inquiry by letter as to whether I was prepared to waive my use of the service in its case.

As their reason was precisely why I don't want to be pestered at home for their, or any other, service, I ignored the letter.

If I want financial advice I know what to do and the best places to get it...:-)

  laurie53 21:27 17 Nov 2008

Anywhere else in the country get lots of Polish art students looking for handouts? Mostly young women batting their eyelashes and doing their best to look desperately unhappy.

  €dstowe 07:37 19 Nov 2008

As a lot of my business is with the USA, I have an offshore $ bank account with LTSB. I was told when I complained about a sales call they made that TPS didn't apply offshore.

On laurie53's point, I get "students" who claim they cannot speak English and hand over a scruffy bit of paper explaining their plight. If you go to the pub later on there they are quaffing pints and speaking "normal" English. "Normal" is in quotes because what passes as colloquial English these days is an abomination - but there is another thread running about that.

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