laurie53 08:48 28 Oct 2008

So where's all this dreadful cold they are forecasting?

I live on the east coast of Scotland and the garden bird bath doesn't have any sign of ice on it.

  Demora 09:08 28 Oct 2008

My garden is frosty, Hampshire.

  Seth Haniel 09:10 28 Oct 2008

you mean you still believe the weather forcasters :)

  canarieslover 09:41 28 Oct 2008

I've scraped the screen this morning. South East Essex.

  GRIDD 09:55 28 Oct 2008

Windy, freezing cold and it snowed a bit but now just rain.

  GRIDD 09:55 28 Oct 2008


  Seth Haniel 10:00 28 Oct 2008

shirt sleeve weather on Hartlepool :)

  sunnystaines 10:56 28 Oct 2008

I live in surrey and have been watching the weather for a few months as i intend to move to ayr. it seems wales, NE england, west of scotland and ireland get hammered with heavy rain, wind and lower temps. but the south east and south west get the milder weather. lightning storms from europe have a habit of hitting portsmouth most. with snow hitting the east of england.

  Quickbeam 11:01 28 Oct 2008

The brass monkeys are loose in South Yorks. Brrrr...

  donki 12:31 28 Oct 2008

At work at the minute in Belfast snowed a bit this morning but nice and clear now!!! Its BALTIC thou!

  birdface 13:37 28 Oct 2008

You are looking in the wrong place.Just come doon tae ma wee hoose.It's here.

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