Coffee and CO (Carbon Monoxide) Detectors

  Batch 17:08 08 Jun 2013

Couple of weeks ago I opened a new pack of espresso ground coffee and poured the contents into my storage tin. Then left the empty bag on the worksurface with the open end, by chance, pointing towards my CO detector (which sits on the worksurface). Within a short space of time the alarm went off. At the time I had not realised that ground coffee could have that effect and started checking appliances, but quickly guessed that the coffee might be the culprit.

Next time I opened a bag, I deliberately left the bag in a similar position and, lo and behold, the CO ppm (parts per million) started climbing on the display.

And having done some research it does seem that roasted coffee does indeed release CO. So you learn something new......

  Quickbeam 17:22 08 Jun 2013

Should we buy respirators for coffee drinking in enclosed spaces?

  Brumas 17:35 08 Jun 2013

Quickbeam I would err on the side of safety and don full NBC gear whilst manfully holding a stirrup pump in a relaxed, yet ready, position. Having said that I don't drink coffee, hate the taste actually but thought I would add my two pennorth ;o}

  Quickbeam 17:55 08 Jun 2013

Can tea still be drunk without an H&S assessment...?

  Brumas 18:04 08 Jun 2013

Quickbeam dunno, ask morddwyd;o}

  Batch 18:21 08 Jun 2013

Maybe drinking coffee in enclosed spaces (or in the presence of minors at least) should be banned as well.

  Aitchbee 18:29 08 Jun 2013

... I do most of my coffee drinkin' [half-a-cup-at-time] in the safety of my local bookies ... only 18 year-olds and over are allowed [no minors]

  Quickbeam 18:59 08 Jun 2013


Clearly your bookies policy of half a cup of coffee is the result of an over zealous H&S chappies paranoia!

  lotvic 19:53 08 Jun 2013

I feel the bookies 'half-a-cup' problem can be solved by the use of a smaller cup.

  morddwyd 20:13 08 Jun 2013

"Quickbeam dunno, ask morddwyd;o}"

Before drinking any tea you should ensure that it has been made with absolutely boiling water, from a certified potable source, to make sure any micro organisms have been neutralized.

The tea itself should come from certified plantations and processors, handed only by workers who have the necessary hygiene certification.

Any additions such as milk and sugar should fulfill the same requirements.

Any utensils used should have a full maintenance history with current certification where required. This will include PAT testing for electric kettles and gas safety certificates for gas cookers.

They should also have a full hygiene and sterilization record.

Containers of hot tea should only be lifted when the handler is in a fully stable position, and handles should have a regular adhesion check. The container should display a "Danger - Hot Liquid" warnings in such a way that a warning is visible from whatever angle the container is viewed. A further assessment is to be carried out, and recorded, to ascertain whether this warning should also be displayed in language(s) other than English.


(Well you did ask! Making yourself feel important while stopping people enjoying themselves? Nothing easier. Like shooting fish in a barrel.)

  Quickbeam 20:46 08 Jun 2013

I can see that morddwyd is obviously the over zealous H&S chappie that HB's bookie uses...:)

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